Highly Suspect Reviews: Kin

What would YOU do if you stumbled across a super bad-ass destroy-oh-boy space rifle? You’d probably blow some stuff the hell up, right? Yeah, us too. Considerably more restrained (at first) is the protagonist of Kin, a teen boy (Myles Truitt) who lives with his adopted father (Dennis Quaid). Their life is shaken up when his dad’s other son (Jack Reynor) arrives home after a lengthy stint in prison and tries to rob the family business to pay back a scummy gangster (James Franco). On the run, the two kids have not only the Frano-led gangsters chasing them across the country but the police as well. Oh, and two dudes from…where or whenever…trying to retrieve the supah-cool gun that the teen is packing. As to how all this actually is to watch, you’ll have to listen to Chris, Marco, and Aaron to find out.

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