Highly Suspect Reviews: Juliet, Naked

This Nick Hornby adaptation stars Rose Byrne as Annie who lives in a small British seaside town with her longtime boyfriend Duncan (Chris O’Dowd). Duncan is more than a bit uncomfortably into an indie rock star from the 90s named Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke) who mysteriously disappeared after putting out just one album. Which is to say, he has a shrine room to the faded rocker in their house and he runs a website for fans and theories as to his whereabouts. When Annie rebelliously posts a negative review of a demo version of the record which has surfaced, she is surprised to be contacted by the erstwhile rocker and the two spark up a friendship online, and eventually in person. Complications ensue.

Rob and Russ Summers join Chris for this review and it might surprise you how strongly they all feel about this film. Listen here to find out how.

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