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Win a Blu-Ray Copy of “Annihilation”!

Here is your chance to win the Blu-ray copy of the 2018 film Annihilation, from the director of Ex Machina and starring Natalie Portman as a soldier/scientist who gets sent with a group to investigate a mysterious anomaly that no one has ever returned from. Definitely one of the love it or hate it movies of the year, even we were divided on our review (although those of us who were right, loved it.)

So, you want to win, here’s what you do:

1- Post a link to this story on your social media. Add some kinda text yourself letting people know about our little corner of the web. Make sure to set your privacy for that post to ‘public’ or we can’t see it. Ideally, we prefer if you retweet or share the posts on our official Twitter and Facebook pages.

2- Post the link to that link or a screenshot of it in the comments here.

3-And that’s it! We’ll select a winner by replying to your entry in the comments so make sure you have your Discus settings so that you’ll receive a notification.

The only other thing to know is that you have to live in the Continental United States and not currently be an employee of to enter. Good luck!

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