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Highly Suspect Reviews: Annihilation

When Natalie Portman’s husband (Oscar Issac) goes missing for a year and then mysteriously appears and collapses in critical condition, she’s all like WTF? And then when on the way to the hospital, they are stopped and dragged into some kinda weirdo military outpost on the border of a strange shimmery wall, she’s like 2xWTF? Turns out, alien stuff from space happened, no one knows whats on the other side of the shimmer wall because everyone who goes in never comes out, oh, except her husband…and he’s both dying and can’t remember a thing. So what’s a girl to do except team up with some other ladies with nothing to lose and head into the unknown.

Based on the multiple award-winning novel by Jeff VanderMeer, screenwriter/director Alex Garland apparently very much went his own way on this one, pleasing some, displeasing others, and in general causing consternation (apparently). Only one of our crew read it and he wasn’t a fan. And I wouldn’t say he was really a fan of the movie either. But we had seven people on this and seven different opinions. Listen to Chris, Beau, Elliott, Lara, Miguel, Zach, and JC give their takes on the film, and then a lengthy, and very necessary, full spoiler discussion.

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