Highly Suspect Reviews: Twin Peaks S3 – Ep 5-6


Diane, it’s Monday morning, June 12th 2017. I’ve gathered together a crew of hard-core Twin Peaks fans to analyze the content of the television episodes of the same name that aired on the 11th and 4th of this same month. Something tells me that there’s more to a lot of what we see here than the casual viewer may be aware of. But first, Diane, have you tried the coffee here? Man, damn good coffee. Make a note to tell Chris, Ian, Betty, and Scott about it.

Our ending song is Baby, Please Don’t Go by our own Betty X from her album Bad Juju. You can buy it right here.


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5 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Twin Peaks S3 – Ep 5-6”

  1. I’ve managed to listen to both of these podcasts and avoid spoilers because I have so little knowledge of Twin Peaks that it all sounds like esoteric jargon to me.

    I just have to ask Mr. Cox: Does Twin Peaks handle its ambiguous plot progression and hazy sense of reality better than The X Files? I hope so because people have been telling me I would like Twin Peaks but comparisons to the X Files don’t help because I watched 4 seasons of X-Files and just gave up because it was frustrating me with its inconsistent writing and lack of clear direction with narrative progression.

    Is that the case with Twin Peaks?

    1. I can’t imagine a real comparison between the two shows. Twin Peaks is not the type of episodic tv with a overarching mystery the way the X-Files is. Is it incredibly esoteric? Yes. It’s an art installation of a television program and as such is going to have a niche appeal…always did. I’ll never give anyone shit for not getting into it as it’s not the sort of mystery show you watch with the same expectations (however let down) as Lost or The X-Files. If the lack of clear direction frustrates you, Twin Peaks is decidedly not for you.

      1. Okay. I might watch a few episodes. My biggest concern was when you made the comparison to X-Files in the podcast by stating that you constantly want answers but might never get them. In this case you seem to suggest it’s by design whereas X-files clearly had no idea what it was doing and just flew by the seat of its pants. I just got scared because the sheer amount of continuity from extended media you need a basis in to understand what’s going on in Twin Peaks sounded daunting.

    2. I’m going to have to parrot what Chris said in that it’s basically impossible to compare X-Files and Twin Peaks as they are so different from each other.

      I personally didn’t like the first two seasons of Twin Peaks at all, however I am glad I watched them. I enjoyed Agent Cooper and the stuff with the Lodges, but outside of that it really fell flat with me. I am loving the hell out of this third season of Twin Peaks though.

      If you want to give Twin Peaks a chance I suggest watching the first three or four episodes and if you aren’t liking it after those it’s a safe bet you won’t enjoy the rest of the first two seasons, though like me you might love the third. You do have to give the very first episode some leeway though since about 30% of that episode is just people crying.

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