Thumbtacks and Screwjobs Episode 10: Payback is a Blerch


Post-Wrestlemania blues abound as Gene and Richard feel shortchanged by WWE’s Payback PPV, panic about Backlash, get excited for New Japan versus ROH, and feel a little smug about being on the Keith Lee train early. Plus Shibata, Honma, hating the Hangman’s DDT, forecasting the future of the Bullet Club, and the question on everyone’s lips: why Jinder?

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3 thoughts on “Thumbtacks and Screwjobs Episode 10: Payback is a Blerch”

  1. El Pollo Guerrera

    Great show, love listening to you two ramble about this stuff. Whenever I hear Richard day “ding ding”, I also hear JR screaming “Somebody ring the damn bell, that man’s got a family!”

    With the “WWE Great Balls of Fire” PPV, what other song titles do you think could be used as PPV titles? My choice is “Impact Wrestling: What Have I Done To Deserve This?”

    1. Richard Whittaker

      Good choice. Also, next time the roster looks thin because of injuries, they should go with Everybody Hurts.

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