The After Party: Luke Cage


Chris, Kyle and Herman spent a lot of time dissecting Marvel/Netflix’s latest street-level superhero show.

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5 thoughts on “The After Party: Luke Cage”

  1. Yeah, so I guess I’m going to be that guy. Acid doesn’t “melt” things it “corrodes” them. I can’t remember what type of acid they said they dipped Luke Cage in, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if the acid didn’t ruin the rubber gloves and other rubber gear they wore to protect themselves from the acid, I think it’s safe to then assume the rubber mask would be just fine.

  2. It felt like Diamondback walked in off the set of Punisher: War Zone. That character was some cartoonish nonsense, which is actually why I felt his costume at the end actually worked. It was so stupid and crazy but it did feel like the exact type of thing that zany character would have worn. I think is was intentionally funny because of all the bashing they had Bobby say about it when Diamondback showed up in it.

  3. So far Luke Cage is the weakest of the shows. I agree 100% on how boring Black Maria is and how Diamondback is too goofy. Pops shouldn’t have been killed so early in the series. Overall the last half of Luke Cage was so disappointing, mediocre, and poorly-written.

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