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‘Power Rangers’ Trailer

A group of misunderstood youths gain unique superpowers after stumbling through a restricted area. Soon enough they can jump great distances, break the fists of bullies, and do much more as they turn into the worldwide phenomenon, The Power Rangers.

The trailer bears a striking resemblance to multiple stories told through the last decade-and-a-half. One of the most notable being Max Landis’s 2012 found-footage movie, Chronicle, formerly mentioned on his twitter page before being promptly deleted.

There’s not much I can really glean from it other than the disappointment of “misunderstood teenager” tropes like: “the quiet girl cutting off her hair” or “the nerdy kid obsessively organizing his writing utensils.”

Criticism aside, it’s a teaser and there isn’t much to judge, especially considering the major cast members (Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, and Bill Hader) have yet to be featured.

Power Rangers arrives March 24, 2017

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