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Digital Noise Ep 141: Goddammit Monkey

Chris and Marco get things done this week, no thanks to Monkey the cat, who makes a horrible intern as it turns out. In all seriousness, if you want to be an intern for, let us know. But enough business, on to the pleasure…the pleasure of a massive stack of reviews for movies and tv shows and, of course, the weekly contest to win a movie. Enjoy!

blunowyouseeme2review   bluloveandfriendshipreview   bluonesbelowreview

Empty Space

blutenebraereview   bluconjuring2review   bludeadenddrivereview

Empty Space

blumaichanslifereview   blupeoplevsojreview   bluirongiantreview

Empty Space

bluallthewayreview   bluequalsreview   bluabiggersplashreview

Empty Space

blucapamcivwarreview   blutwinpeaksreview   blubeautybeast25threview

Empty Space


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