We Are Error: Ep. 1 – Pokémon Are Dead Inside


Welcome to the first episode of We Are Error, OneOfUs.net’s video game podcast hosted by Christopher Herman and Jon Romo! This podcast is dedicated to all things video games, including video game news and reviews.

Along with covering the Nintendo NX leak, the reveal of the Mini NES Classic Edition, the best-selling games of June 2016 and a bunch of TellTale Games news, Chris and Jon talk about the recent Pokémon Go craze and their experiences with the Pokémon franchise during the late 90s and early 2000s. They also give their review (w/some spoilers) of Playdead’s critically acclaimed side-scroller, Inside.  

Check out the original atmospheric and disturbing trailer for Inside below!

Though we are definitely in a “public beta” of sorts with this new podcast series, we want to hear from all of you on how we can make We Are Error the best podcast it can possibly be. Be sure to share your thoughts and critiques in the comments. Thank you!

We also want to thank OneOfUs.net contributor and fan Kyle Scott for the awesome We Are Error artwork and title card!


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5 thoughts on “We Are Error: Ep. 1 – Pokémon Are Dead Inside”

  1. Solid first episode y’all! Love the name.
    The two of you have a nice rapport, and the structure of the episode flowed well. Don’t feel like there’s much — as a listener–specifically want out of a show like this, but those feelings will come with time.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. yea! this is a great idea. i hope to see many more ^_^. There are too many let’s plays and not enough fun game news podcasts out there.

  3. Now i remember you Chris. You were doing a guest lecture in that media studies type class. i was sitting in front row, and when your email was glimpsed on the screen i knew the other film critics names in your inbox, and then i said ah so you’re with oneofus.net lol

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