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Big Finishing Move: ‘Doctor Who: Legacy of Death’

Hello you brave and most noble of souls, and welcome to the 49th installment of Big Finishing Move here on One Of Us. This is the little chunk of the internet (you may have heard of it) where I get to review the various releases from audio giant Big Finish, and let you know if it is worth your time and hard earned dime or if your money is better spent buying a few extra of whatever new crazy food thing they recently cooked up the next time you hit the Taco Bell.


TARDIS Team: The Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K-9 Mark II

Still stuck in the civil war on Aoris between the past and the future, the Doctor and friends engage in all kinds of “timey-wimey” shenanigans, trying to reunite and survive as this mess continues to snowball out of control.

That’s it. Basic plot recap over. I usually go into more details, but that really is the gist of what is going on. To go any further into the plot would inevitably lead to an over-explanation of things. Plus, I want you to be able listen to this story without me spoiling anything for you!

What intrigues me about this particular plot is how everyone is so lost in their little part of the story that they turn their own worst fears into self fulfilling prophecies. There is a stunning lack of empathy, and because they cannot grasp the other side, they take actions that doom themselves without a second thought. There’s a whole lot of people that can’t see the forest for the trees. Some might scoff at how crazy or even silly the characters act in this particular episode, and that people in real life would not be so obviously blind in their actions. However, I would like to point to human history for evidence to the contrary. Look at all the bigotry, racism, classicism, and religious zealotry that has led to so much war, death, and destruction. Look at all the horror humanity has inflicted upon each other for reasons that don’t even pass the most basic reasoning, and then try and tell me about how unrealistic these characters act.

As heavy as some of this story’s underlying themes are, it is a blessing that this story remembers to be fun. Writer Jonathan Morris nails the balance of comedy and tragedy here, and the humor helps show the idiocy at work. The tragedy also keeps the story on point, preventing it from devolving into sheer farce.

Looking to the performances, I definitely have to take my hat off to to Simon Rouse and Tom Chadbon who play Drang and Embery respectively. These two play the most exaggerated characters in the whole thing, and though that has the possibility of being very annoying, Rouse and Chadbon are able to instill both with enough depth and humanity to make them feel real.

This is the best two-part episode that Big Finish has ever put out for the Fourth Doctor series. All the ones that came before, be they good or bad, had one clearly superior entry outshining the other, but this story and  The Paradox Planet, while good on their own, balance and compliment each to make a truly charming tale from start to finish. I highly recommend this story for both new and old Who fans alike. So what are you waiting for? Get on it!


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