Highly Suspect Reviews: The Boss

Melissa McCarthy plays Michelle, a business tycoon and self-help icon for the greedy set whose career of stepping on people to get where she wants to be bites her in her tukas when an old flame she screwed over (Peter Dinklage) gets her arrested for fraud and she loses everything. Forced to fall back on the one person in her life who will give her the time of day, her former personal assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) she starts from the bottom again to work her way back up to the top, only will she change her nefarious ways?

Ok, so that sounded like a puff piece synopsis from the studio that made the film. Considering how we all felt about it, I’m a little embarrassed for having written it now. Listen to me (Chris), Beau, JC, and Elliot on the review and you’ll see what I mean.

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