Highly Suspect Reviews: Hardcore Henry

While Hardcore Henry might not have much of a plot, it certainly delivers visceral entertainment in spades and in a way you’ve never seen before…well, at least not in a movie theater.

Basically, YOU play Henry, a guy whose memories are now gone who was in some sort of accident and has awakened to find a female scientist attaching bionic parts to him. She informs him she’s his wife. But almost immediately, BOOM, bad guys show up and the film goes into overdrive as Henry tries to save his wife from evil by killing everyone in sight…for pretty much the entire rest of the running time. And did I mention Sharlto Copley is playing a ton of different roles here?

Ok, so it’s action packed, super-violent, and funny. What’s the problem? Well, It’s all filmed first-person go-pro. Yes, this will be a problem for the whole “I don’t want to watch someone play a video game for an hour and a half” crowd. But a lot more of you are gonna lose your minds over this thing. Listen to Chris Herman and Chris Cox explain…

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