Five and Out 128: Theme Restaurants We Want


Extra Dissension alert! This week Wes and Steve discuss Steve’s Civilization 5 maneuvers, Wes’s plumbing, and our Top 5 Theme Restaurants We Want! Enjoy!

What are your Top 5 Themed Restaurants You Want? Leave a comment or e-mail us at!

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3 thoughts on “Five and Out 128: Theme Restaurants We Want”

  1. Men, I’ll be honest. That was painful. Jonathan Brandis is rolling over in his watery SeaQuest grave. (It’s not funny, because he killed himself).

    A quick note on Wes’ picks:

    Pajama Theme – DONE:
    BBQ Theme – DONE: (See any BBQ restaurant)
    Underwater Theme – DONE, DONE, DONE:
    Heaven and Hell – DONE:
    Spy Theme – DONE:

    My top 5:

    Runner Up: A gastropub where you just berate M. Night Shyamalan as he sits in the corner and tries to write a new hit movie.

    5) NAME: Portal: The restaurant. A simple restaurant with the aesthetic of Portal, some great “Portal” illusions using flat screen tvs (and maybe a hilarious “urinal” illusion in the bathroom), and of course hilarious computer voice-overs. Oh, and Cake is on the dessert menu, but they’ve always just run out.

    4) NAME: WonkaLand (please don’t sue). Every kid’s fantasy come true – a candy store where everything is edible. Please ignore the public safety and health concerns, because it’s still better than anything Wes said.

    3) NAME: Reality Food. Description – there have been so many reality cooking shows out there, and the food looks and sounds incredible, but you can never try it… Until now! Reality Food has a menu that is 100% comprised of dishes cooked on reality cooking shows. You can even have guests chefs stop by to re-create their own dishes for special events.

    2) NAME: 4 Stories. Description – Recreating bars/restaurants from tv and movies is getting really popular, like Chicago’s upcoming Saved by the Bell diner ( But let’s take that idea to the next level. The idea behind 4 Stories would be a 4 story building, where each floor is an exact replica of an iconic TV/Film/Pop Culture watering hole. Guests can travel “between worlds” by going from floor to floor, or just stay in their favorite spot. Every year the floor that has brought in the least revenue will be replaced by a new fictional location, so you better support your favorite floor if you want it to stick around! Beginning floors would be: Ten Forward from Star Trek the Next Generation, The Bronze from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Moe’s from the Simpsons, and the bar from Cheers. But there are SO many contenders for switching it up.

    1) It already exists: The Giger Bar:

  2. I wanted to do Dante’s Inferno Family Palace but since you guys covered hell already…

    1) Fight Club Restaurant – I would say it’s an restaurant you eat while you watch bunch of guys beat the crap out of each other but that would brok the first rule of the restaurant…

    2) Found footage horror restaurant – You get a camera while you enter a maze full of scary things lurking at you to get to a person that will ask what food you want and then you Wonder a bit more until you find a room with your food. And if your get lost forever you family recive the footage from the camera for free!

    3) Gothic Fairy restaurant – An mysterious place where night never ends, where you get serve all the best whine and wild berries, while you watches an reflection in the lake of faries preforming their slow yet hypnotic moon dance and whisper stories of their forbideen love, while small baby dragons crawl on your nees in hopes you pet them. Oh, and theres a steam punk section. (I had emo faze so I know what I’m talking about)

    2) Commedia dell’arte theme restaurant – If you know what the hell that is imagine restaurant where all waitresses are dress like Harley Quin from Batman, speak in french and they all pull slapstick gags on each other (and sometimes on you) and they try to improvise a scene where they have some soap operish romance where they back stab each other all the time… Oh, and one stands in the cornerr and cries during the entire thing. It’s actually way cooler then it sounds.

    1) Miyazaki themed sushi restaurant – I thik that’s self-explanatory…

    As BONUS – one restaurant I don’t want :
    An restaurant where they give you most addicting food ever, they they serve you bad food with no flavor, then they time travel to that first meal and shit on it and you are forced to go to a diffrent restaurant with your friend where you argue is the food there as good as the oryginal or not[moment to guess the name] GORGE LUCAS EXPIRANCE RESTAURANT!

  3. Future list request: A few episodes ago you teased on a great theme that would make a fantastic list as you debate which would be the better ride – the Millennium Falcon or an X-Wing. This made me wonder… what would be your top 5 fantasy rides? What wheel, control panel, reins, etc. would you most like to get behind. American Pie era Shannon Elizabeth does not count as a fantasy ride.

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