Somebody Likes It: Episode 44: Rocket to Russia

“So that’s how it’s gonna be”–Kevin (probably what he is gonna say)

Once upon a time, there were three long time friends that decided to record a very opinionated music oriented podcast. Then one day, “Dad” went on vacation and “Little Brother” and “Other Dude” decided to “fuck shit up”…and “Producer Mark” a.k.a. “The Adult” let them run amok (Thanks Producer Mark, or should I thank your “Cocktails”).

Ok, that is getting tedious. Basically Kevin went on vacation, and Phil Ajjarapu joined Ryan and Mark and myself in a spirited discussion of the Ramone’s third album Rocket to Russia…A fine time was had by all.

But then it got a little more “Please tell Mom not to listen to this Episode-y”.

Phil was (kinda) coerced into picking Smell Yo Dick for the video in “A Few Minutes With”…and I had already said I was picking War on Drugs:Suck My Cock by Sun Kil Moon for “A Current Affair”, so all of a sudden it was like taking a corner in a dune buggy and then the dune buggy stalls out and tips over. But just like I would imagine that everyone riding in said buggy would crawl out laughing, so did we (until Chris Cox and Kevin Newsum hear the show).

Next week: You will experience the brilliance of Kilroy Was Here by Styx. Do I hear a Mr. Roboto chant building??? Shane


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