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Movie BS: Ep 271: ‘Southpaw,’ ‘Paper Towns,’ ‘Pixels’

0:00-4:30 – Introduction; no show next week
4:30-7:05 – iTunes review
7:05-18:00 – Southpaw review
18:00-27:45 – Paper Towns review
27:45-35:30 – Pixels review (Bayer only)
35:30-37:10 – Snider is on critics’ commentary on the It Follows DVD and Blu-ray
37:10-49:15 – QOTW (other things from the ’80s that could come back to destroy us)
49:15-54:45 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
54:45-57:15 – Recap, goodbye, outtakes

QOTW: We’re doing the Mt. Rushmore of animation. Tell us your four (4) favorite animated films. (Feature-length, not shorts; all styles of animation OK; order doesn’t matter)

Southpaw: B- 7/10
Paper Towns: B- 6/10
Pixels: n/a 3/10


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