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Somebody Likes It: Episode 43: The Who Sell Out

Well, that was interesting! Some of you know Kevin took a paternity leave for a few months last winter. After much hand wringing and late night tears, we found an able replacement in the form of one Mark Couvillion. But, after a somewhat truncated vacation from Sombody Likes It (yeah, this show. Same thing), Kevin returned. Ryan and I (and I would like to think Mark) had been having such a fine time together we all wanted to find a way to keep Mark on board without anybody’s toes being stepped on.

See, as good of a job as Kevin had done producing the show prior to his sojourn, Mark not only enjoyed producing the show in his absence, he also didn’t have a new born to contend with. So we asked him to stay on as Producer Mark, and he agreed, and now we all have the finest of times recording the show in Mark’s garage every week. Then he gives us a great show back(at least as far as production values are concerned) and we’re all happy.

The only thing is, even though Mark often has a mic, Ryan, Kevin, and Myself, just completely dominate the conversation and Mark doesn’t get that much time to talk (cause we’re kind of dicks?). So he posited an idea to me a few months ago, and I ran it by “the other guys” and everybody agreed it was a swell plan.

Instead of the way we usually do things, in which we all rotate picking the 3 segments, Mark would take over the show and pick the album, the video in A Few Minutes With and the song for A Current Affair. It was so much fun to just turn it over to him, and be surprised with his ideas. So for your listening pleasure, here is Producer Mark Hijacks the ShowThe Who Sells Out is how we start things off.

NEXT WEEK? Yeah back to the same old shit after a month and a half of concept ideas. Ryan picked The Ramones Rocket to Russia…If I’m still alive after surviving that Slim Pickens-like ride, I’ll see you in 7.



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