Digital Noise Episode 94: The Double Down


This week’s Digital Noise proves that all great things come in pairs! First of all, the delightful duo of Brian and Johnny Neill return, and they discuss couplets of Criterion picks, ninja flicks, and nature-gone-amok disasters! They also double down on their love for Boardwalk Empire as the full series collection hits shelves.

However, they also note how terrible things can also come in pairs: Both of Taylor Lautner’s solo efforts thus far and the pair of socks the studio sent Brian to try and convince him Mortdecai was anything but abysmal!

To top it off, the gents offer a double mystery grab bag giveaway that you’d have to be twice as insane not to try and win!

Blackhat Bluray Review Boardwalk Empire Complete Series Bluray Review Wet Hot American Summer Bluray ReviewTracers Bluray Review Mortdecai Bluray Review Champs DVD ReviewRevenge of the Ninja Bluray Review Enter The Ninja Bluray Review Limelight Bluray ReviewFriends of Eddie Coyle Bluray Review Empire of the Ants Jaws of Satan Bluray Review Food of the Gods Frogs Bluray ReviewMagical Universe DVD ReviewSatan's Blade Bluray Review These Final Hours Bluray ReviewBatman Unlimited Animal Instincts Bluray Review Jamaica Inn Bluray ReviewDN Grab Bag


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63 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 94: The Double Down”

    1. To date, I think the Snake Plissken teeshirt count is at five. I’d gladly accept more if you’re offering! 🙂

  1. El Pollo Guerrera

    Agree with Johnny about “Revenge of the Ninja”, it is one of the greatest OTT ninja flicks of all time. NINJA GRANDMOTHER!!!

    1. Read the Wikipedia entry on Marjoe Gortner! Seriously, it’s pretty weird. He was a Forced Into It 5 year old Pentecostal preacher media sensation, then as a young adult he starred in a documentary as an Eff You to his parents, then moved on to B movies. I forgot he was in Viva Knievel. I love Evel Knievel, but man that movie sucked. Also, ha! Marjoe Gortner was the dude in Linda Wonder Woman Carter’s only nude scene (Bobby Jo and the Outlaw), so, he’s immortal!

      1. El Pollo Guerrera

        1) I remember seeing the documentary on TV many many moons ago (I wonder if it’s available on DVD? I’m pretty sure it’s on YouTube, but I’d rather have a physical copy)
        2) “Viva Knievel” does suck but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. Remember, it also has Leslie Nielsen as the heavy a couple of years before “Airplane”. Favorite part: riding through that small Mexican village on motorcycle, Knievel passes a sign that reads “VERDE”… either the town’s name is “GREEN” or their only traffic light is broken!

        1. The circle of connected threads forming gears within gears keeps getting bigger! Marjoe Gortner was in Food of the Gods! Which was packaged as a double feature with FROGS! Which starred Sam Elliot! Who played Evel Knievel in a 1874 CBS pilot to launch a TV series about Evel Knievel, who played himself in Viva Knievel – along with Marjoe Gortner!

          1. Said pilot also starred Noble Willingham – who would later star in the greatest creepy Gaslight conspiracy movie ever: CORNDOG MAN! It’s all happening at once! (I think I am understanding more and more why I loved Inherent Vice so much)

  2. ron howard directed the absolutely wonderful cinderella man with russell crowe. combine that with seabiscuit and you actually get a weirdly specific and really emotional kinda documentary about the great depression. seriously though i feel like that should be ron’s next project : the great depression and other seminal american history events go.

    1. Oh yeah, Cinderella Man. I like Ron Howard, he just didn’t seem like a member of that club.

    1. He was speaking in the voice of Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo. They have complicated vocal cords.

      1. “What’s that Skip? Brian’s fallen into a stereotype and he can’t get out? Let’s go!”

  3. Michael-Orian Bockus

    Good show, however I really wish you guys wouldn’t spoil movies, usually you are pretty good with that but this episode had so many of them.

    1. My apologies. I don’t feel bad about giving out details on an older movie or TV show. Almost everything we talked about was pretty old. But These Final Hours, that just symbolizes everything I have seen in Australian cinema. Black Hat, it just sucked. Sucked I say! Loki g at talking about dvd’s seems different than giving contemporary reviews, but I will try and watch that in the future.

      1. Michael-Orian Bockus

        No problem, I hope I didn’t come of as as a complainer. Granted some of these are old but a lot of times this show allows us to discover things that we might not have known before, that is why I love Criterion so much, I get to discover old movies as if they were new.

        1. Honestly, Friends Of Eddie Coyle was one of those afternoon movies that seemed to play every Sunday when I was in high school, and by the time I saw it from beginning to end I had seen it in patches enough to add up to four or five viewings, without ever being clear on the title (Report To The Commissioner was another one). So, everything about it was kind of common knowledge to me by the time the Criterion release came out. But God! That print transfer is better than the rabbit ears reception of the late 70’s!

  4. Hm. Out of the Past one of Johnny’s most favorite… I like it, but there are a handful of other films I prefer over it by (the woefully underappreciated) Jacques Tourneur. Wichita, Nightfall, Night of the Demon, Canyon Passage, Stars in My Crown…

    Maybe I should give it another look.

  5. Definitely Out Of The Past. Mitchum has one of the most hard boiled noir lines ever: after being betrayed by his lover he tells her “Feed my ego, Baby, tell me he beat it out of you.” It’s just such a great movie on every beat. I don’t use the term Noir lightly, just because it’s a b&w crime film doesn’t make it noir. There has to be a cumulative doom cloud hanging over the hero’s head.

  6. Brian, we love Johnny Neill, of course, but we’re here in the first place, giving you our monies, because you and Chris won us over years ago. It’s your website and I come here to support you and Chris, first and foremost.

      1. Johnny, you’re like the dad I never had. I just felt like I hadn’t shown enough support for Brian, who is like the older brother I never had.

        1. Everyone would be lucky to have Brian for a brother. But listen, Sean, I have three children already, so, maybe lean more towards Imaginary Uncle You Never Had, or I am going to come across as a deadbeat. Ha! When I was a single father, raising my son Arlo, we were so dirt poor! We would have like five dollars for the whole weekend, and we would browse video shelves, challenging each other to find the best movie. I turned him into Chow Yun Fat and he turned me onto Anime. Check out his short films on You Tube! Search ARLOX, he has a channel on there that will blow you away!

          1. Ah, my dad’s a nice guy, just too troubled to have given much of a damn about film, tv, art, etc. He’s a misanthropic scientist with at least three different mental illnesses, so it’s been an uphill battle from the get go. Guess it’s why I listen to so many podcasts, ’cause I need the company as a hermit writer. Either way, I just subscribed to Arlo’s channel and am looking forward to checking his stuff out… See you in the comments section next time, Mr. Neil.

            1. I hear you. Believe me. Arlo’s Thing commercial is pretty well known. It got picked up and linked by a lot of sites. My favorite, though, is Let’s Do Lunchables. Some of them go back to when he was a sophomore in high school. His music videos are pretty great. He has a book coming out soon that I will post once it is available on Kindle. Thanks for listening to the show! It’s great fun to do it and I love getting feedback that people are actually listening!

              1. Whenever Arlo’s book is released and you mention it on Facebook, I’ll absolutely pick up a copy. I’m excited to browse through his work tonight.

  7. Another Brian and Johnny episode? Yes, please! You guys always sound like you have so much fun recording these and it reminds me of the old days when Brian and Luke would review things. This is going to be a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks! We really enjoy recording and I hope that it comes across. Brian is great, even if he did call me Mister Belvedere, which, by the way, I am so old I didn’t even get the joke. Recording theses shows is so much fun, it makes watching horrible movies almost worth it!

    1. It’s one of the best, isn’t it? Here is a great thing about it, watch it in five years and it will be a whole different movie. Watch it tomorrow and it will be a whole different movie.

      1. You know, that special quality about the film is the main reason it would never be green lit today. There really has to be a central protagonist, otherwise people will freak out and tell you the ensemble weakened the main thrust of the narrative and they’d look at you all confused like, “But who’s the main character?”. I really loved how smart and bold the dialogue was throughout and since I’m all for a film that follows multiple interesting characters, I have a huge amount of respect for this film.

        Honestly, you can pick out all the obvious places film makers stole from this movie. When they drop the bank manager off by the water, Ben Affleck stole that for The Town. The blonde back robber who kept chewing gum, that dude def defined the skin head bad guy from Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. Another scene Michael Mann must’ve taken influence from was the coffee shop talk between Eddie and the cop. There were a ton more, but the last really significant one to me was that scene in the parking lot at the very end that looked like the scene from Killer Joe, where Joe shows Emile Hirsch his dead mom in the back of a car.

        If all goes well and the representatives who are reading a sample script of mine take an interest in working with me, the first thing I’m going to do is ask them if we can get the rights to this film… I really think I can write the f*ck out of a remake.

        1. I don’t think it needs a remake. Just the gravitas of Robert Mitchum, Peter Boyle and Alex Rocco would make any attempts to try again go pale, regardless of the writing. That said, George Highins has a lot of books! I am really eased with how much you liked it! It is like – Varsity 70’s Crime Fiction.

          1. Yeah, people will tear me apart if I ever do get the shot with it in the future and mess up. I’ve just always wanted to make a heist film and I could easily lean on the great material, structure and name of the film… Then again, I might be better off trying to remake Animal Kingdom first. I hope you’ve seen that one. It’s one of my favorites.

            1. I have Animal Kingdom in my Amazon Prime queue. Looked for anything on Ben Mendelssohn after Netflix’s Bloodline, and saw that he was in that. One of those that slipped past me.

              1. Best suggestions I’ve gotten in a while. I’m really uninformed about old school cinema and am doing my best to catch up. I’ll start going through Steve McQueen’s catalogue ASAP.

                Also, I’m 8 episodes into Bloodlines… So good. And if you haven’t added Starred Up to your Amazon queue, please do. He’s a power house in that film.

  8. So, is Johnny Neil just a permanent part of Digital Noise/One of
    If so, welcome sir! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jordan Royter! I am in the Digital Noise rotation, as it were. Maybe they will squeeze me in to some new releases reviews this summer. Who do I have to sleep with to get to see Jurassic World early and for free?

    1. Hey Kav Jay – Do you mean you want me to gain weight or get more air time? I will aim for more air time! Thanks a million – JFN

      1. If gaining weight can get you more air time, go for it as
        well my good sir! All jokes aside, you are a great addition to this site. To
        tell you how great you are, well this is the first time I commented on a site
        for over two years. Also thank you very much for the reply. I am looking
        forward to hear your witty remarks soon. “Batman is a whore, Batman is a whore,
        Batman is a whore, DC is a pimp!”

        1. Of course! I get a huge rush of ego (the good kind) and connectedness when I hear from listeners! It truly means the world to me that we are able to bring some entertainment to peoples’ lives, enough that they write us back. I really like working within the framework that Brian and Chris set up for the shows. recording a long show every few weeks covering a variety of movies is fun, especially when the movies we review have unintentional threads running through them. As far as batman being a whore and DC being a pimp – well, it’s a sad truth. There have been enough Batman representatives out there over the last 75 years that I think people should just find the ones that work for their sensibilities and enjoy those and reign in their outrage when their tastes aren’t being catered to. All these characters have evolved over the last couple of decades from being “Characters” to being “Properties.” These properties are going to be trotted out to see what market buys the most tickets and toys and video games, with all these products (including the movies, they aren’t real movies anymore, they are board room directed products) launched to promote each other. It’s really weird. I keep thinking it is going to hit a point where people stop buying tickets, but that’s not going to happen after all. I just hope for the best and don’t take it personally when I don’t get it. Except for Godzilla. God Damn you Cranston, you led me on!!

          1. Right? He was only there for 2 seconds! To be perfectly fare Cranston had more screen time than Godzilla did. I don’t want gourmet Godzilla, I want plethora of Godzilla, injected directly in to my visual cortex! Also a protagonist who competent enough to protect his family. Aaron Taylor-Johnson only had one sentence to say to Olsen, “Bitch grab my boy and get the fuck out the city, now, now, NOW!

            You are so right about Batman. I used to worship Batman and I still do. But my heart has been broken too many times with the recent torrent of awful animated properties. I think I’m one of the few people dreading the new Batman V Superman movie because the very reasons that you put forward. But just like a battered wife I’ll be keep crawling back to him. I know I’m pathetic. I’m a BatBitch. Thank you for the prompt and informative reply Jonny. That’s very kind of you. I am eager to hear more of your podcasts, also replies to my future comments.

            Best regards


  9. Hey Guys!
    First of you guys are offically my favourite DN team! I love that Johnny Neil knows who skippy is, as I’m from Australia, I did grow up on skippy, and he was far more useful than any stupid collie ;p
    Also, glad that you guys reviewed These final Hours! it was filmed in my city of Perth and the scene with the crazy machete weilding guy was on my street, and just so you know, These final hours is just Perth every Sunday morning when nothing is open and everyone is still hungover and not out of bed yet!
    Keep up the awesome reviews guys!

    1. Hey Peta Lock! – Glad to hear from you! Skippy came up the first time during the review of The Babbadook! Now she seems to have become the spirit animal of any joining of me and Brian and Australian cinema (which I love). These Final Hours was fantastic! I was expecting it to be a downer, but instead I took it as a pretty good take on finding that one, tiny thing to get right – finally. I haven’t made it to Australia yet, but I have always wanted to go there. It seems like the Texas of the original tectonic plate connection of all the continents. Please drop me a line and tell me if I got the Australian Sentiment of “Oh Well, may as well make the most of it,” VS the American Statement of the “Guarantee of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” There is just stuff I see in Australian movies – like Virginia Hey getting killed in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, or the slaughter of the kangaroos in Wake in Fright, or – ALL of Fury Road, that if that was done in an American movie the censors would burn down the theaters. Perth sounds like a party!

      1. Hey Johnny
        You seem to have a pretty good appreciation for Australian cinema, it can be pretty brutal, but I like that it feels more real than a lot of American movies, however, most of our television shows suck! . I agree with you and liking the storyline of the one last act of doing good, he reminded me of people I know and I hope that actor continues to get work. I think all we do is try to make the best of things, enjoy life and there is always time for beer 😉 and personally I believe in live and let live 🙂

        I did hear the barbadook review and couldn’t believe that you knew who skippy was, it was also interesting to know that the house was built for the movie as no houses in Australia look like that or have basements, you’re more likely to lock the monster in back shed next to the lawn mower :p
        Perth is a great city, but everything shuts at 9am on a weeknight and 1am on the weekend and like Austin we ar crawling with hipsters. I plan on getting to Texas one day, I got to the USA last year, but only saw the coastal cities, but I will be back.
        I like that some of the better Australian cinema is getting overseas, hopefully it means we will make more good movies 🙂

          1. I agree, Australian cinema has always had a beautiful brutality to it that you can’t look away from and some the movies I have seen that have left a strange impression on me have been our home grown films. The night I saw wolf creek, me and my friend couldn’t help but check the back seat of our car as we got in (as 2 lady’s alone in Fremantle) I mean, I grew up with the guy who played mick as a young kids show host :s and these final hours has stuck with me too, mostly because the cinematography captured Perth so beautifully with that orange light that is really unique to this city, it felt like Perth. Be definitely great to see more Australian (especially west Australian movies made). Another of my favourites is rabbit proof fence, if you have seen that one?

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