Digital Noise Episode 91: Save The Seal!


Brian and Johnny Neill once again join forces, gear up, and dive headlong into the horrors of the latest Digital Noise! We say horror because the guys have not one, not two, but THREE Scream Factory titles to discuss! They also suffer the terror-ble Taken 3 and the nigh un-behold-able Bedlam!

Plus, they witness the madness of a (n admittedly cute) talking bear and Brian gets so mad at an Antarctica documentary that it’s scary…and a little bizarre.

If that’s not enough, they are hosting an eerie mystery prize giveaway that will haunt your week!

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Big Eyes Bluray Review Taken 3 Bluray Review Escape From New York Bluray Review

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Bedlam DVD Review   Paddington Bluray Review   Maps to the Stars Bluray Review

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Babadook Bluray Review   Everly Bluray Review   Antarctica Year on Ice Bluray Review

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Class of 1984 Bluray Review   Convoy Bluray Review   Mystery Giveaway Image

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688 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 91: Save The Seal!”

    1. Yeah, I admit that all my Tim Burton love in the world isn’t going to redeem a frame of that movie. No, I like a lot of the visuals of the exquisite Eva Green, and the notion that Michelle Pfeiffer turned Barnabus Collins; super secret room into her knitting nook. But I hated that Eva Green’s character got so shit on in the end. I think there are times when Tim Burton doesn’t know how to finish what he started, but much more often he takes some crazy risks and gets great performances from people. He also gave Vincent Price the best possible final role of any aged actor ever.

  1. El Pollo Guerrera

    How many Kourics in an Andre-sized dump?

    (And when will the links for last week’s movies be up?)

    1. If “Kouric” is another word for Tak3n, just one. It fills the parameters of said dump in every direction.

      1. El Pollo Guerrera

        It’s a joke from “South Park”… the official weight-unit of human feces is named after Katie Couric (which I mistakenly spelled with a K), which is about 2-1/2 lbs.

    1. Brian_Salisbury

      You mean what’s with us and the incredible amount of extra work that goes into making those time codes because people complained about having to listen through the show themselves to find out when we talked about what? Well you can blame me man, I do those and I have a day job now. I am REALLY sorry that I’m not getting that bonus convenience to you as quickly as I used to. Good lord, give a mouse a cookie…

  2. I watched Everly last night, a day too late to have weighed in on it during the taping. It wouldn’t matter anyway, because BRIAN NAILED IT!!! Such a great movie! Salma Hayek is so likable, and then there is so much crazy stuff going on and it really builds suspense from beginning to end. See it!

  3. Johnny Neil repping that recent Croney. Croney’s filmography since Spider is pretty uniformly amazing (except for Eastern Promises).

    1. Hey Ringo – I watched Eastern Promises a few times when it came out – from a bootleg dvd I bought in Thailand – and as much as I liked parts of it, I didn’t really get the story very well. I don’t know exactly what it was that didn’t work about it, because the cast is great, the mood is definitely established, but it didn’t press my buttons the way History of Violence did, or Cosmopolis. I think his being Canadian gives him just enough outsider perspective to look at American differences in obsessions (maybe his eyesight didn’t work with Brits and Russians?), and Cosmopolis – from the Don Delillo book, and he is a strange, grown up writer – neatly illustrated the insular nature of the super rich, who are only rich because they are – ya know? – like, they facilitated somebody else moving money around – and Paul Giamatti’s inability to finish off Robert Pattinson when he had the chance, because, what good would it do, there is always another limo. But it wouldn’t have worked at all without Robert Pattinson’s vampiric addiction. The notion that he thought he could buy the entire Rice University Chapel Rothko series is just mind boggling, but he sold that guy as believing that not only could he do it, but he deserved them.

  4. Brian. Get to the choppa was from predator. Commando is “let off some steam Bennet”

    1. No, James, it definitely does NOT suck. It is on par with what I was hoping from Sin City. My only complaint was that the final Godfather character was unfamiliar. That’s a dumb complaint, I know, but I would have liked him to be someone I recognized – like Beat Takeshi. The actor they used is probably huge in Japan, right? It’s a gonzo movie, start to finish, and I was surprised at how involved with it I became. And the Sadist and Masochist scenes were really disturbing.

    1. Let’s see Lassie, Gentle Ben, Flipper or Rin Tin Tin do ANY of that stuff! Skippy sat in on drums for his own Theme SONG! Thanks for digging this up, Ryan! It’s even more outrageous than I remembered.

        1. Thanks! I also wouldn’t mind listening to a podcast that has you just talking about stuff for hours.

    1. Thanks, David! I show up when they call me. It’s hard to believe that anyone cares what I have to say about – oh – kangaroos and such… But I sure enjoy Brian’s company and getting messages on the boards.

  5. Agreed, Big Eyes is a wonderful, wonderful movie. It just succeeds in all areas, I would never have thought that Burton still had this kind of movie left in him.

    1. Rigt on, Neil! I wish we had more time to talk about it. I would love to have schooled Brian on Fine Arts – my passion, and I never really got to go not the Jason Schwartzman character and how great he was in just that small Fine Legitimate Arts Reactionary role. The script was just brilliant. And the styles of San Francisco in those days was drool worthy.

  6. birdy the critic

    I’m sorry Brian, but I really don’t understand why people like Escape from New York so much. It’s boring. The villains aren’t threatening. There isn’t enough action for it to be an action movie and it’s not tense enough to be a thriller. Snake’s whole character is “Badass.” I only remember Adrienne Barbeau and the scene with all of the poor people running through the street like a herd of rabid animals. Other than that, the movie’s dull and unmemorable. I love John Carpenter, but this is probably one of my least favorite of his movies. Maybe I just missed the boat for loving this franchise.
    On the other hand, I really want to see Everly. Can’t wait to watch it. Also the Babadook looks amazing.

      1. birdy the critic

        I’m glad people like it, and I don’t think it’s a bad movie. I just don’t think it is as great as everyone else told me it was. I see a lot of things that people can like about the movie, like the set design and cinematography, and some of the set pieces. The fact that this was made for $5 million is also testament to Carpenter’s ingenuity. I just wanted to point out that for such a beloved action film, there are a lot of boring parts. Maybe it was just built up for me too much. Oh well.

        1. Birdy TC – Are you calling it a franchise because of the many years later Escape From LA movie? Wow. I don’t think I have ever typed that out loud, Escape from LA. That was like a SyFy original take on a legendary badass. If you saw that first, I can see where Escape from NY would be a little tainted, but I stand by my love for it. It’s a small miracle of a movie. If you don’t dig its voodoo, I am sorry that your tastes are leaving you out of the loop, because I have never met anyone who is “iffy” about their love for it. Ah well, there is always “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.”

          1. birdy the critic

            Never heard of that last one. In all honesty, I may have really been in the wrong mindset when I saw the movie because the first time I saw it was just a month or two after my Dad died. That probably colored my opinions a little. I still do really love John Carpenter (at least 80’s and early 90’s John Carpenter) and The Thing and Assault on Precinct 13 are fantastic. I might have to revisit Escape from NY when I’m in a better mood.
            Thanks for taking time to discuss this Johnny Neill. Have I mentioned your awesome? FUCKING CRUNCHY PETER PAN!

            1. You know, the franchise could just be John Carpenter and Troy McClure…. It mean Kurt Russell. Thanks for writing! I love being told I am awesome!

  7. Jean-François Martel

    i haven’t seen the documentary but i agree about the seal Brian. I agree about the seal.

  8. Jean-François Martel

    Oh my god Johnny Neil! that Escape from New York/Mad Max headcanon has blown my mind.

  9. Jean-François Martel

    The sound on the Babadook disc is so low i had to stop the movie because the ringing my blu ray player makes while running was louder than it and messed with my tinnitus.

  10. Jean-François Martel

    John Carpenter released his music video for NIGHT recently and i swear to everything Holy and tainted by the devil it looked like a concept trailer for a retro futuristic thriller in the vein of Escape from New York (on a 0$ budget mind you) and it made me thirst for Carpenter to go and make another flick like that. I know he still has it in him, Cigarette Burns is the proof of that and The Ward was a fun movie for what it was (a paycheck).

  11. I just saw MAD MAX Fury Road yesterday. Brian Salisbury – Please take a note on how a movie about a Convoy and and should be made. Good Lord that movie was amazing!!!

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