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Movie B.S. Episode 257: ‘Ex Machina,’ ‘True Story,’ ‘Unfriended,’ ‘Monkey Kingdom’

Sorry for the tardiness of this episode’s posting, Brian spilled scotch on our WordPress. Good news? TWO Movie B.S. episodes in one week! Enjoy!


0:00-4:00 – Hello; we’re both playing while injured this week
4:00-6:40 – This week’s sponsor: Kurt Pankau, aka The Past Imperfect, aka you might enjoy his album of rock ‘n’ roll music!
6:40-9:00 – An update on the Bayers’ return to Portland
9:00-16:35 – Ex Machina review
16:35-24:00 – True Story review
24:00-29:50 – Unfriended review (Snider only)
29:50-37:20 – Monkey Kingdom (Bayer only)
37:20-38:00 – There are some other movies that are opening but whose distributors didn’t want critics to see
38:00-53:05 – QOTW (your favorite bodily function moments) (in movies)
53:05-57:30 – What’d You Watch? (All About Eve, Kevin Hart’s stand-up)
57:30-1:00:00 – Recap and goodbye


QOTW: What’s the best directorial debut by an actor?


Ex Machina B 8/10
True Story B- 6/10
Unfriended C+ n/a
Monkey Kingdom n/a 7/10

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