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Digital Noise Episode 87: Watching The Special Features First

Brian and Johnny Neill get their little band back together to talk about a weird random assortment of titles. Even though this is still ostensibly a Blu-ray podcast, we somehow ended up talking a lot about music this week. But hey, who doesn’t love The Spin Doctors, right?

I’ll tell you what Johnny Neill didn’t love…Diamond Heist! He did however like Into the Woods as much as Brian liked Wild Card and maybe even a little bit more than they were both perplexed by the duo of Errol Morris films that amounts to this week’s Criterion release.

Mr. Neill also puts forth an interesting new Blu-ray viewing model, based on his viewing of Digging Up the Marrow, that might just change the way you watch movies at home! Think of it like eating dessert before dinner. Indulge your ears by downloading this episode of Digital Noise right the what now!

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