Digital Noise Episode 87: Watching The Special Features First


Brian and Johnny Neill get their little band back together to talk about a weird random assortment of titles. Even though this is still ostensibly a Blu-ray podcast, we somehow ended up talking a lot about music this week. But hey, who doesn’t love The Spin Doctors, right?

I’ll tell you what Johnny Neill didn’t love…Diamond Heist! He did however like Into the Woods as much as Brian liked Wild Card and maybe even a little bit more than they were both perplexed by the duo of Errol Morris films that amounts to this week’s Criterion release.

Mr. Neill also puts forth an interesting new Blu-ray viewing model, based on his viewing of Digging Up the Marrow, that might just change the way you watch movies at home! Think of it like eating dessert before dinner. Indulge your ears by downloading this episode of Digital Noise right the what now!

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Into The Woods Bluray Review   Unbroken Bluray Review   Song One Bluray Review

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Song of the Sea Bluray Review   Digging Up The Marrow Bluray Review   Wild Card Bluray Review

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Diamond Heist DVD Review   Gates of Heaven Vernon Florida Bluray Review   Vincent and Theo Bluray Review

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Beat Generation Bluray Review   Star Trek TOS Kirks Boldest Missions Bluray Review






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496 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 87: Watching The Special Features First”

      1. Also, the bird involved in the OZ myth wasn’t an ostrich, but supposedly was a whooping crane. I thought I heard it was a Pelican, but looking at the clip just now and comparing to a pic of the crane, I’m inclined to believe its a crane.

        1. I am more inclined to believe it is a dead midget. The You Tube search yielded a ton of theories, most of them including the clip from the VHS release – dead munchkin – to the DVD release – crane flapping his wings. But it isn’t just a matter of clarity, it is something else entirely. Maybe it’s a dead Newsie? I don’t see a kicked over chair or anything, so if there was a suicidal little person who wanted to star in a technicolor snuff film, how he got up there to string himself for the dangle is beyond me. I think it is just probably some fabric or sandbags or something – as it is a pretty elaborate set. Or, maybe it is the ghost of the girl that would be murdered in the future during the Ohio Players recording session, looping back ion time to suffer infinitely again. I love this kind of stuff.

  1. It is sad to hear about what happen to Robert Z’Dar, I saw Maniac Cop 1&2 for the first time last week.

  2. wiener schnietzel

    I just wanted to mention that I mostly agree with Brian’s review of Song of the Sea but I think he really under sold it. I thought it’s a fantastic movie especially if you like a more dreamlike tone. Personally I think it deserved an Oscar nomination way more then the Lego Movie but they are so drastically different I don’t really want to compare it. Let’s just agree that Big Hero 6 was the movie that shouldn’t have been nominated or even you know… win.

  3. I must add to my Digging Up The Marrow order of viewing recommendation: Don’t watch the deleted scenes first. Just all the behind the scenes stuff, because it really informs the finished product well. There is an alternate take to one of Ray Wise’s soliloquies that is just absolutely an actors master class, but save it for after the movie.

  4. Weird coincidence happened to be listing to this podcast while buying milk or milkspiracy. Damn you Rupert Murdoch and Big Dairy .

    1. Pay attention to the signs, Fernando. There are no coincidences. Big Dairy shut me down, but it’s not too late for you.

  5. I watched THE BEAT GENERATION last night. Wow. What a downright weird movie. it goes from being a really creepy serial rapist procedural, which tries to mirror the misogyny of the police detective with the misogyny of the rapist. Then it shifts into what I would like to call a Progressive Jack Chick comic about the pros and cons of abortion (Cheers: It might be the unloveable rapist’s baby!, Jeers: It’s illegal in all 50 states), and then it moves into an area of seeming to say that some chicks are just asking for it, by throwing the platinum bombshell Mamie Van Doren into the part of an almost-subsitute-victim who is turned on by the attention of her would be rapist, to a portrait of a marriage being destroyed by the horror of home invasion rape aftermath, to the most unlikely scuba diving chase sequence this side of a James Bond spoof, to a cop realizing everyone who tells him what a horrible person he is for his woman-mistrusting ways is basically right, who gets his man, and has a happyish ending. All the while, three scenes are stretched through that have the Hollywood version of what the Beatnik scene was like, as filtered through the observations of a bunch of Square Dicks. It is a way out flick, Chicks and Cats, if measured in the scale of Multiple Front Exploitation that is: Beatsploitation, Jazzploitation, Rapesploitation, Mitchumsploitation, and Future-Autograph-Conventionsploitation. The disc lacks any extras, but the end of the movie itself has one of those credit sequences where they show the scenes the various cast members appeared in, to help the viewer place the name with the face. That was my favorite part of the movie, because I was looking for a lot of people named in the credits – specifically Charles Chaplin, Jr. and Irish McCalla and Vampira, but couldn’t place them. James Elroy fans will like it just for the guitar number played by Dick Contino (yes, guitar, not accordion), and pop-heads will like for the cross section of B Movie tropes they drag out – If there is a Speargun in Act 2 someone will be shot by said Speargun by the finish of the movie.

  6. Obviously I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t care for the episode. Usually I don’t mind the topic deviations and maybe it’s just that I’m not used to the new team of Brian and Johnny, but I couldn’t stand the comedic segways and I stopped listening as the “Song of the Sea” review started. I’ll give it another shot sometime later though. Hopefully it’s just an aquired taste that I haven’t gotten used to yet.

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