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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ with Dr. Nerdlove

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Welcome to the movie that everyone was poised to hate. Well, everyone here at OneOfUs studios, anyway, but we’ve all got SOMEONE in our lives who is excited as all hell about it. And after watching Fifty Shades of Grey, The Unusual Suspects are a bit baffled by this affection. Perhaps even a bit worried about the people we know who love it so much.

The story (such as it is) follows a young soon-to-be college graduate (Dakota Johnson) who is seduced by a billionaire (Jamie Dornan) and asked to become his submissive in a sadist/masochist relationship, complete with a multi-page contract of agreed upon sexual proclivities and, of course, lots of emotional abuse and stalking. Chris, Diva, JC and special guest Harris (aka Dr. Nerdlove) do their best to straighten out the kinks in this adaptation of the confusingly insanely popular book that started out as Twilight fan fiction.

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