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Somebody Likes It Ep 14 – Janet Jackson: “Control”

When I was in 5th grade, the hot girls in my school would choreograph dance routines to Janet Jackson’s “Control”. So naturally I’ve always had a soft spot for that record. I mean, I don’t like the songs, and would never ever choose to listen to them, but for some reason I’ve always thought fondly of it. Nonetheless, Ryan and Kevin had a different take on it. Ryan especially hated it.

This week we had our first special guest, Jeff Ryder. Jeff actually thought the record was hot, and he was a fan. Not so much a fan of Ryan’s pick for this week’s standalone song, When in Rome’s heartwarmingly creepy “The Promise”. While Ryan, Kevin and I all thought the song was pretty good, Jeff fucking despised it. See, Jeff used to work at a piano bar for many years and had to experience so many drunken sorority girl sing-a-longs set to “The Promise”, the song makes him want to stab his eyes out. Regardless, we loved having Jeff on, and we’ll definitely have more guests in the future.


For the next three weeks, rather than pick an album the 3 of us don’t know all too well, we are all picking one we individually know very well. Kevin gets the ball rolling with Air Miami’s “Me. Me. Me”. (and I have Peaches singing about fucking the pain away). We’ll see how that ends up.


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