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Inside The Locker: NBA and Ultron Previews

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We’re throwing everything at you this week, sports nerds, including the kitchen sink and a gaggle of Iron Man suits. What am I babbling about? I rarely know! But trust me, this episode has something for everyone. Yes Ultron, even you.

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Show Breakdown…


The Headline Zone (2:57)


We tackle the headlines of the week in a manner that would hopefully make Rod Serling proud. We filter these headlines through a dimension of sight and sound, and possible copyright infringement, in our Scores and Stories segment.


Ultron Trailer Reaction & Predictions (32:20)


We can’t help but talk about that fan-damn-tastic Age of Ultron trailer. Not only do we chat about the music used in the trailer, but we then also try and prognosticate what may happen in the film based on the few short snippets the teaser availed. Will we be right? Only time will tell!

…but no, probably not.


2014-2015 NBA Preview  (61:03)

NBA preview

Who’s looking better? Who’s looking worse? Who had the best post-season in terms of transactions and player retention? What in the blue hell does this have to do with Zach Braff?


Awards and Fantasy Segment (85:52)

Fantasy Football Report

Hear us give out our awards! Thrill as the various league standings are announced! Chuckle with schadenfreude as Brian recalls the story of his epic fantasy collapse last week!


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