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Digital Noise Episode 60: The Storm Approaches

The clouds darken, a rumbling is heard from the horizon. A storm is approaching. A tempest that will carve its path of destruction through town and leave your favorite digital warriors broken and weary to the brink of eternal slumber. That tempest bears an ancient moniker: Fantastic Fest.

Before this hurricane of genre film makes landfall, the guys stave off total exhaustion long enough to bring you a fresh batch of Blu-ray and DVD reviews. The guys dress up for Prom Night, suit up for Any Given Sunday, and get all wibbly wobbly with the new Doctor.

Open your umbrellas for this downpour of Digital Noise!

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Doctor Who Deep Breath Bluray Review   Crossbones DVD Review  Baby Blues Bluray Review

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Long Way Down Bluray Review   Gods Pocket Bluray Review   Prom Night Bluray Review

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Words and Pictures DVD Review   Any Given Sunday Bluray Review   Victim Bluray Review

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14 Blades Bluray Review

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