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The Pre-Weekend Recap: August 8, 2014

Yes, it is indeed the Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of August 8, 2014! This week saw a tremendous amount of content published by all of the fantastic contributors to the site. There were written movie reviews, new shows and features, podcasts, articles, and the announcement of One Of Us’ first anniversary celebration, Fest Of Us!




That’s right, next weekend, August 15th through the 17th, we’ll be holding a ridiculous series of meetups, events, and live podcasts to mark the site’s first birthday. For more detail about Fest Of Us, check out the Facebook event page here!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a recap without information about some of the features we posted this week. Everything you need is down below, all you have to do is read, click, listen/read again, and enjoy!

Salt Episode 3: La Morgue


The latest episode of Salt, the audio drama spinoff of Jason Neulander’s The Intergalactic Nemesis, dropped this week and it is stellar! This podcast chronicles the adventures of Jean-Pierre Desperois, a salt smuggler with the power to travel through space and time, thanks to a bizarre voodoo ritual that took place when he was born. In the third entry of this season, Jean-Pierre dines with Gatete, utilizes an onion in an unconventional manner, and drops by the morgue. What information does he discover and which answers bring about more questions? Well, listen in and find out! If you’ve missed the first and/or the second episodes, you can find them both right here.


Rise of the Lounge Geeks Shows!


That image is somewhat incorrect, because as of this week, the move is complete! Each of the five formerly-Lounge Geeks features dropped an edition in the last few days. Here’s a description of each one and what the subject matter was:

– Five & Out, the show all about making lists and ranking subjects relevant to a geeky audience, actually posted its SECOND episode on One Of Us, Robot Characters! Wes and Steve talk about their favorite bots, the LEGO games, and a less-than-impressive Hamlet. Don’t forget to give their inaugural episode, Childhood Toys, right here!

Public Axis’s 86th episode is its first one on our site. The show is hosted by Comedia A Go-Go, a San Antonio-based collective of incredibly funny people. Each week, the hosts are joined in a roundtable discussion by guest comedians, filmmakers, artists, and other creative types to talk about all manner of geekery and nerd-dom. On the latest episode, Comedia A Go-Go is joined by Stephanie Guerra (@PuroPincheSA) and Brenda Munoz (@PuroSanAntonio) to talk about What-A-Burger, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and some of the great events happening around San Antonio.

– Heavy Meta is a blog written by the great and powerful Vince Smith, a writer and podcaster at The Rogues’ Gallery. Vince breaks down trends in geek culture to evaluate what is occurring in the media we love and speculate what is to come. In his first post for One Of Us, he’s talking about pandering. Should we accept the big changes coming to Marvel Comics as good-faith efforts to increase diversity in flagship titles or is it a shallow plan to sell more books in the short term? Regardless of the nature of the changes, should we embrace them? Let Vince lay some knowledge on you!

– The Spinoff Showdown is out and Welcome to Springfield is in! In this brand new feature, former LG columnist Andrew Semkow is going to rewatch  and review every single episode of The Simpsons, chronicling what made the show such a lauded cultural icon and speculating about what has changed, for better or worse, in the show’s 25 years. There’s not better place to start than from the beginning, so check out what Andrew has to say about Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, the very first episode of Matt Groening’s animated juggernaut.

– Finally, we have Geeks@College, a show hosted by a group of talented students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Not only do they give their perspective(s) on what’s happening in geek media, they also give you a behind the scenes look at some of their courses of study, which include film, comics, animation, and more. On their first show here, they’re going crazy about Guardians of the Galaxy, because of course they are.

Please do give each of these features a hearty welcome to One Of Us by listening, reading, and commenting on their pages!


 Ash & Fern: One ticket, please!

Ash & Fern 371

Despite what some people might say, going to the movies by yourself is pretty great. Just ask Fern, she’s been doing it for some time now and says it’s her preferred viewing method. In this post to the Ash & Fern blog, you’ll find out what first drove our intrepid heroine to make the solo sojourn to the cinema, what advantages going to a film alone can bring, and just how common the practice is. If you’ve ever wanted to trek out to the theater on your own but were too scared of the social stigma, let Fern dispel the doubt for you. You’ll be off to the movies on your own in no time!


Infestation: Wrapping Up San Diego Comic-Con


While the flood of nerds has since receded and Hall H has long been abandoned, we haven’t heard about Brian and Chris’ adventures at San Diego Comic Con yet! Thankfully, that all changed yesterday with this post. The duo becomes a trio as Martin joins them on mic to talk about the One Of Us meetup and bar crawl, discuss some of the biggest announcements and reveals made at the con, and drop names like they are hot. If you weren’t jealous that you couldn’t go to SDCC before, you will be after listening to this!


The Original Gentlemen: Danni Danger Zone

The OG 371x194 Featured Image Crop

What’s that? You want more Martin, more Chris, and more Brian, except louder and more Beau-like? Well, thankfully for you, the Original Gentlemen also dropped an episode this week! Not only do you have the old trio, they are joined by guest Danni Danger, a  Weird Girls contributor and Geekie Awards nominee. Danni guides the guys through a discussion about gender issues is geek culture, cosplay, and some of the comics she’s particularly fond of at the moment. And since it was his birthday, they let Beau pick the song of the week. It’s all that OG goodness you love, so listen to it already!

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