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The Strip Club – 7/14/2014

Thanks to negligence on our part, we’re starting your Monday off with the latest entry to One of Us’ Strip Club, our special feature where we post comic strips created by people like you. It’s usually on Sundays, but that depends on us being responsible and checking our email consistently.

In any case, this strip from regular contributor Zach Martin feels appropriate for anyone who’s beginning yet another week in an unfulfilling position. Most of us will spend some time working in less than idyllic circumstances to achieve financial stability and there’s nothing wrong with that. That being said, there are moments in life when you can choose to take a risk or be uncomfortable to pursue your passions. Don’t let fear deny you the happiness you deserve.




We’d love for you to start submitting comics for our Sunday “Strip Club” feature. If you’re interested, please contact us at


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