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The Pre-Weekend Recap: July 25, 2014

Welcome one and all to the Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of July 25, 2014! This was a week full of huge developments for the site. Before we get to those, however, here’s another reminder for One Of Us’ San Diego Comic Con meetup and pub crawl event this Saturday, starting at 6pm! To find out more about all the madness that will ensue, check out the event page here.


If you aren’t fortunate enough to be at SDCC this year, don’t you worry because we have plenty of cool stuff for you right here. Below, you’ll find information about some of the articles, podcasts, and announcements we posted this week. There are also links that will take you to the content faster than you can say, “I wish I was at Comic-Con, damn you Brian and Chris!” The rest of us have been saying that all week and we’re getting pretty good at saying it quickly, so that’s saying something.

Lounge Geeks is moving to One Of Us!

We started the week with some sad news. Lounge Geeks, a site for passionate and creative geeks of all stripes founded by the incredible Grant Davis, will be shutting its doors. However, all is not lost! Grant is a phenomenal human being and he refused to let his site close without finding a home for some of its great podcasts. That’s why on July 31st, five of the shows on Lounge Geeks will be moving right here to One Of Us! While we are tremendously sad that the internet will be losing an excellent website, we are unbelievably excited to bring these shows into our family. For more information about this development, click on the link above!


The Make-A-Wish Foundation Unleashes Madzilla

This week, we published an inspirational story about Maddex, a 5 year old Chicago native who is currently being treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Maddex has been undergoing treatment for his condition for some time now and his family has kept his spirits high with a steady diet of Godzilla films. As a result, the young kaiju enthusiast and his family submitted a request to the excellent people of the Make-A-Wish Foundation asking to help Maddex star in his own Godzilla movie. Thanks to the hard work of Make-A-Wish and volunteers from across Chicago, Madzilla will make its debut later this summer. You can find out more about this incredible project and view some stills from the production the the full article! Go get ’em, Maddex!


Salt Episode 2: The Maryaj Lwa

The adventures of Jean-Pierre Desperois continue in the thrilling second episode of Salt, a new radio drama from The Intergalactic Nemesis’ Jason Neulander! For those who you who missed out on the news the first time, Salt chronicles the story of Jean-Pierre, a Haitian-born salt smuggler with the incredible power to travel through space and time. It’s a fine mix of science-fiction, pulp, and noir, and it’s exclusively here on One Of Us! On this episode, more is revealed about Jean-Pierre’s extraordinary birth and we listen in on our heroes interactions with a vagrant and a former employee. Plus, what’s that symbol all about? This is some stellar material that you DO NOT want to miss! Be sure to share Salt with everyone you can!


Infestation: Fantasia Film Fest 2014


The Fantasia Film Festival is celebrating its 18th year and One Of Us is fortunate enough to be reviewing some of the selections premiering throughout the event! Starting this week and through to the fest’s end on August 6th, you’ll find written reviews of some of the movies that are making their appearance up there in Canada. So far, you can find reviews for Cybernatural and Zombie TV and there are plenty more to come as the weeks continue. These films are anything but ordinary, so if you’re looking to find out about some truly original stuff, we have all the information you need!


Geek Inherits The Earth: Not Dressed To Impress

Geek Inherits The Earth made its return this week with some commentary about female superheroes’ costumes. The upcoming debut of the redesigned Batgirl has comic fans buzzing with positive interpretation. Not only is Babs’ new costume completely functional and sensible, it doesn’t take away from what makes Batgirl who she is. Is this the start of a positive trend in comics? What are some of the bad practices that need to go in order to make female superheroes both realistic and interesting for all readers? Find out what our very own Seth Hall has to say about the matter right here.

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