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The Intergalactic Nemesis is Everywhere!

The fantastic “Intergalactic Nemesis” live action graphic novel show has toured all around the world, and up until now, the only way to see them was to hope they would come to your town. Having been supporters of Jason Neulander and the Nemesis for so many years, we here at want nothing more than for EVERYONE to get a chance to experience the Nemesis (especially now that we’re exclusively hosting a spin-off podcast of the show, “Salt” on the site). And now, there are multiple ways to do so:

1- They have partnered with Comixology to release the comic book versions of the entire series on their platform. At 99 cents a pop, what’s not to love?

2-They have a new PBS digital web series version of the show that will be launching on Monday! The Behind the Scenes and Teaser videos are already up on their own YouTube web channel. You can subscribe now and you’ll get notification of each weekly installment of the Nemesis formatted especially for TV.

3-Check out their touring schedule including the launch of The Intergalactic Nemesis: Book 3: Twin Infinity, right here!

4-Last but not least, we’ve got to reiterate, starting this Monday, will be exclusively hosting the Nemesis spin-off show, “Salt”. Check out our page for more details here.

Make sure to spread the word about The Intergalactic Nemesis to your friends and family, and ESPECIALLY tell everyone you can, SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS, about “Salt” right here from




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