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Announcement: Jason Neulander’s ‘Salt’ Coming to OneOfUs

If you’ve listened to Brian and Chris in their previous online existences, you’ve probably heard of, if not experienced, Intergalactic Nemesis.

Partially a throwback to the radio days of yore (or at least yore grandparents’ radio days), and partially a dazzling display of comic book art, Intergalactic Nemesis quickly became an Austin institution, playing at The Alamo Drafthouse.


But then, as the show toured the country, its fanbase spread nationwide, making creator Jason Neulander a superstar in the geek firmament.

But Jason is not content simply resting upon laurels, he’s already put into the works a brand new show that will in effect be a spinoff of Intergalactic Nemesis. That show? A multi-part historical science-fiction tale entitled Salt.

Salt follows Jean-Pierre Desperois, a character you may remember from Nemesis, a man who was born a slave in Haiti with the power to travel through both time and space. Salt begins 1931 Tunis, where Jean-Pierre is a salt smuggler. As Jason himself put it, “sci-fi meets pulp meets noir in an epic thriller that spans centuries.”

We are proud and so so excited to announce that Salt will be a member of the OneOfUs family of shows! The bi-weekly story installments, produced by Jason and his team, will premiere on July 7th.

Check out the video below for more information about this fantastic new show and keep checking out OneOfUsNet for your opportunity to join Jean-Pierre on his inter-temporal adventures!


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