The Pre-Weekend Recap: July 11, 2014

Hello and welcome to the Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of July 11, 2014! As you can see, our team was certainly busy this week. Not only did we have new entries to our flagship podcasts, we also debuted Salt, a brand new audio drama from the brain of the great Jason Neulander!




Yes, there was quite the selection of posts to come out this week and it would be downright tragic if you missed a single one. Below, you’ll find a few of the podcasts and articles we published this week, with descriptions and links leading you directly to the content. What could be better than that?

Salt: Episode One

The first episode of Salt, a spin off of Jason Neulander’s The Intergalactic Nemesis, dropped on the site this week. In this episode, you’ll meet Jean-Pierre Desperois, a Haitian salt smuggler who has the ability to travel through space and time. Listen as the fantastic cast of voice actors takes your from Jean-Pierre’s bizarre birth to his current status as a smuggler. There are dirty cops, stolen merchandise, and an apartment break-in to whet your appetite for adventure. Listen to the first episode now and get excited for the next one in two weeks!


The Original Gentlemen – Idiot Boxing

The original trio of Chris, Beau, and Martin is back this week and they’re talking all about the programming on the idiot box. That’s right, it’s a TV-centric OG as the guys discuss SherlockAmerican Gods, CommunityHannibalConstantine, and Game of ThronesOf course, there’s a song of the week selection and letters from all you lovely people as well. An excellent episode of The Original Gentlemen is awaiting, so get to listening!


World of UScast – The British Bodcast: Episode 4

The Bods have returned for the fourth entry of The British Bodcast, one of the podcasts in our World of UScast series of shows. In this episode, Duke and Kia hit the road with 007 and recount their experiences at London’s Bond In Motion exhibition. In addition, they hype up the London Film and Comic Con and discuss Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble On. It’s another stellar podcast starring your favorite geeks across the pond, so listen in and get some culture in your life!

If you live outside the United States and you have or would like to create a quality podcast for the World of Us show family, please get in touch with us at Your podcast could be on the next episode!


Five GOOD Entries in the Transformers Franchise

As a diehard fan of the Transformers franchise, John Eckes feels the need to defend its honor in the wake of Michael Bay’s cinematic abominations. As he shows in this article, Transformers are much more than those critically-panned films make them out to be or even the toys that made Optimus Prime and company household names. Give this one a look to discover some of the best comics, TV shows, video games, and of course movies that feature the robots in disguise. And someone tell Michael Bay about these so he can see what Transformers can be in the right hands!


Digital Noise Episode 51 – Too Much of a Good Thing

On this week’s Digital Noise, Chris and Richard encounter the type of problem that is great to have: there are simply too many good titles to review. Our intrepid hosts even find themselves having difficulty selecting a single Pick of the Week! With selections such as Jodorowsky’s DuneThe Raid 2The Unknown KnownAfflicted and The Legend of Korra: Book 2, it’s understandable that the choice is tough to make. Listen in as they have praise this edition’s home releases and be sure to pick up a few of them for your own collection.

If you like what you’ve seen here, please be sure to share our stuff with others who might enjoy it. In addition, please consider becoming one of our proud subscribers! There are plenty of benefits for those who are generous enough to contribute to the site each month, so don’t miss out on your chance to earn some exclusive rewards! Have a great weekend!


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