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The Pre-Weekend Recap: June 13, 2014

Welcome to the latest Pre-Weekend Recap! As you might expect, this was another fruitful week for One of Us’ contributors. There are plenty of articles, blog posts, reviews, and podcasts waiting for you, so don’t let your schedule deny you of what’s rightfully yours!




This is the place where you can start catching up on the material that might have slipped by you in the rush of the week. Below you’ll find a few of the features that debuted this week, with descriptions and links right there. All you have to do is enjoy the content. And scroll down to the bottom for information about the site’s World Cup coverage, Game of Cups!

The Original Gentlemen: Schrodinger’s Cargill

Regular OG listeners may be sad when they find out that Ashley couldn’t be on the latest episode of the show, but since the artist formerly known as Carlyle is on mic, the disappointment will certainly not last long. C. Robert Cargill, the writer of the film Sinister, the author of Dreams And Shadows and Queen of the Dark Things, and a founding member of the Spill Crew is here to discuss TV, the X-Men films, and the fact that his friend and collaborator Scott Derrickson is directing Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange film. It’s a beautiful reunion that longtime fans definitely need to hear!


World of UScast: The British Bodcast – Episode 2

The latest edition of the World of UScast podcast, the show where we feature a podcast from an international partner, is the sophomore entry of The British Bodcast. Our hosts Duke and Kia discuss the World Cup and different levels of anticipation for the world’s game, question why so villains in American cinema are British, and rank the best and worst accents in movies.

If you live outside the United States and you have or would like to create a quality podcast for the World of Us show family, please get in touch with us at Your podcast could be on the next episode!


I’m All Out of Love #4: Kevin Smith

I’m All Out of Love is all about Thomas Mariani recounting past passions that have since burnt out. The subject in the spotlight is Kevin Smith, who has gone from an inspiration to all independent filmmakers to an extremely polarizing figure. Thomas shares his journey with Smith’s various works, recalling the movies he loved, disavowing the ones he despised, and makes an astute assessment about what exactly has caused former fans to turn against the director. And there’s a mention of Clerks: The Animated Series, a show that was both underrated and canceled far too soon. Give this article a read and discuss your thoughts about Kevin Smith in the comments!


SMARK Country: Payback is a Bitch

Last weekend, WWE held its Payback pay-per-view event. If you’re a wrestling fan and you missed it, Eugene has a rundown and analysis of all the big matches. Who put on the best show? Which wrestlers were underwhelming and which ones were better than the material the Fed gives them to work with? Check out what Eugene has to say about all of these questions and see what his final verdict on Payback 2014 was.


The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Longmire

Perhaps you, like many discerning viewers, have ignored A&E for years. No one can blame you, because most of what’s on that channel is utter garbage. However, if John Eckes is correct, there is one show on A&E  that bucks that trend and is a great program. Longmire is all about a sheriff in Wyoming who is battling numerous threats to preserve the peace in his county. As a man who loves his westerns, John has plenty of praise for the show and its cast. He has five compelling reasons why Longmire is well worth your time, so read his list and get started. The first two seasons are on Netflix, so excuses are limited!


One of Us hasn’t forgotten all of you futbol fans out there! Through the World Cup’s opening weekend, Inside the Locker is teaming up with sports website Bro Jackson’s soccer experts, the hosts of the International Players Anthem podcast, for an event we’re calling Game of Cups! Every day from until June 16th, both shows will be gathering at The Mohawk in Austin for a live broadcast full of enlightening analysis and drunken revelry. Not in Austin? Fear not, there will be a live stream during every game, just for you. To see the full Game of Cups schedule, click the link above. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!

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