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ITL: Game of Cups Event (Continues Today!)

Are you ready for some FUTBOL?!!!!!

We sure hope so, because for all of you asking what we were going to do to celebrate the 2014 World Cup, your answer is a mighty, resounding…SOMETHING!




In fact, that something is that Inside the Locker is teaming up with sports website Bro Jackson and specficially their soccer podcast International Players Anthem to bring you a live, on-location event that will cover the entirety of the World Cup’s opening weekend. That’s June 12th-16th (starting next Thursday OMG!)

That’s right, we’re going to be setting up shop at The Mohawk right here in downtown Austin to bring you our special mixture of expert analysis (from IPA) and irreverent geekiness (that’s us!) in an epic four-day celebration we are dubbing: Game of Cups! There will also be games, local drink deals, and giveaways!!!


Live streaming video by Ustream


If you can’t make it out to The Mohawk (by the way Austin fans, all watch parties that weekend at The Mohawk have no cover charge), you can listen live to our various casts on various days. In fact, here’s the whole ruddy schedule!


Thursday, June 12th (All times CST)

Broadcast #1: 1pm-2pm
Game: Brazil vs. Croatia 3pm
Broadcast #2: 5pm-5:30pm


Friday, June 13th (All times CST)

Game #1: Mexico vs. Cameroon 11am
Broadcast #1: 12:45pm-1:45pm
Game #2: Spain vs. The Netherlands 2pm
Broadcast #2: 4pm-5pm
Game #3: Chile vs. Australia 5pm
Broadcast #3: 7pm-7:30pm


Saturday, June 14th (All times CST)

Game #1: Colombia vs. Greece 11am
Broadcast #1: 12:45pm-1:45pm
Game #2: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica 2pm
Broadcast #2: 4pm-5pm
Game #3: England vs. Italy 5pm (We will be live casting this match)
Game #4: Ivory Coast vs. Japan 8pm


Sunday, June 15th (All times CST)

Game#1: Switzerland vs. Ecuador 11am
Broadcast #1: 1pm-2pm
Game#2: France vs. Honduras 2pm
Broadcast #2: 4pm-5pm
Game #3: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina 5pm


Monday, June 16th (All times CST)

Broadcast #1: 10:00am-11:00am
Game #1: Germany vs. Portugal 11:00am
Game #2: Iran vs. Nigeria 2:00pm
Broadcast #2: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Game #3: Guana vs. USA 5:00pm
Final Broadcast: 7:00pm-8:00pm

 Can’t listen live? BroJackson has been killing it with their immediate uploads of each broadcast. Click here to access the audio files!

Need a little help deciding which team to root for? Not sure how the World Cup divisions work? No need to fret! Our friends at International Players Anthem have written up some very informative (read: insanely thorough) breakdowns of each World Cup group and each and each team in each group. Each! Take a look at the first four write-ups and keep checking back with IPA over at BroJackson for even more breakdowns as we approach the first kickoff! Is it still called a kickoff? I’m pretty sure it’s still called a kickoff!

Group A Preview/Breakdown

Group B Preview/Breakdown

Group C Preview/Breakdown

Group D Preview/Breakdown

Group E Preview/Breakdown

Group F Preview/Breakdown

Group G Preview/Breakdown

Group H Preview/Breakdown



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