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The Pre-Weekend Recap: May 2, 2014

Yes, the rumors you’ve heard are true: the Pre-Weekend Recap has returned once again. Look at you, friend of the site. You’ve made it through yet another week loaded with responsibilities, appointments, meetings, tests, hobbies, and all the other stuff that keeps you busy each day.  They tried to defeat you and they failed miserably, so great work champ!

While you survived what was likely a tough few days, you probably had to make a few sacrifices along the way. If those sacrifices happened to be some of the podcasts and articles that premiered on the site this week, you’re in luck! Below you’ll find links to and descriptions of a few samples of the material published on One of Us this week. All you need to do is enjoy the content. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Bob Hoskins: As He Was Valiant, We Honor Him

The week started off on a somber note with the announcement of actor Bob Hoskins’ passing on Tuesday. Hoskins was a man of immense talent who committed himself fully to each of his roles on stage and screen, even if he wasn’t fond of the part (e.g. Super Mario Brothers). It was this dedication to his craft that made so many of his performances so memorable. Our newest member of the INTERN-Net, Christopher J. Herman, looks back fondly on the veteran actor’s storied career and says goodbye in a respectful and meaningful manner.


Infestation: Moontower Comedy Festival


Moving in the complete opposite direction, the latest editions of One of Us’ Infestation series come from this year’s Moontower Comedy Festival. According to the event’s website, the festival “…brings to Austin, TX some of the funniest, wittiest and oddest world-class comics from around the globe. This marathon of side-splitting nights throughout the city is slated to bring over 100 comedians doing everything from stand-up and sketch to improv and musical comedy.” In the midst of all this fun, Chris Cox and Beau were fortunate enough to score interviews with some incredibly funny individuals, which you can hear by clicking on the links below.

Learn how to avoid being a hack in Beau’s interview with Andy Kindler.

W. Kamau Bell discusses his podcast, The Field Negro Guide to Arts & Culture with Beau 

Mike Lawrence geeks out with Chris and discusses his current tour and his comedy album Sadamantium.


The 30 Dozen: Paris, Texas  

30 Dozen Paris Texas Featured image

For those of you who missed the first three articles, The 30 Dozen is Brian’s reflection on films that are turning 30 this year, just like him. The fourth article in the series is all about Paris, Texas, a film about a man re-establishing ties with his brother, son, and wife after spending four years wandering far from home. What insights did Brian derive from this tale of a man who just couldn’t sit still, even at the cost of personal comfort and intimate relationships? Well, you’ll just have to read it and find out!


The Original Gentlemen: The Sandy Saga of Silicon Valley

You have to hand it to the Original Gentlemen, so far they have a 100% success rate in their efforts to bring you one episode every two weeks. Admittedly, it has only been two weeks since the promise was decreed, but hey, those numbers do not lie. In any case, on this edition of the OG, the crew rants and raves about X-Men films and comics, give their initial thoughts on HBO’s Silicon Valley, resurrect a tune from a LEOG long past, and answer listener questions. It’s everything you love about this show, so don’t delay, press play!


Highly Suspect Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


This weekend, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man returns to the silver screen to face off against a number of super-villains while trying to maintain his relationship with Gwen Stacy. Can Spider-Man save the day from each of the threats in this movie or will he be crushed by innumerable plot threads? Brian, Chris, Beau, and JC gather around the mic to let you know whether or not this tale of suspense is amazing or not, so give it a listen and plan your weekend accordingly.


Inside the Locker: Beef Nuggets!!!

Inside The Locker 371x194


Don’t worry, you’ll understand after you listen to this week’s episode of your favorite geeky sportscast.  Join Brian, Elliott, and JC as they talk about Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA, the Star Wars: Episode VII casting news, and the NBA Playoffs with a longtime friend of the program and an encyclopedia of basketball knowledge, rapper PHZ-Sicks. This is certainly a beefy nugget of an episode that you do not want to miss.

If you like what you’ve seen here, please be sure to share our stuff with others who might enjoy it. There’s always more internet to conquer, so help us on our quest to unite the internet under one banner! Have a great weekend!