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Kaiju Countdown: An Overview of Godzilla’s Baddies

With the recent box office success of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, it felt appropriate to delve into the past and look at the “King of the Monsters” most dangerous foes. Some of these beasts have become allies with the King of the Monsters, while others have remained vicious foes throughout their history. Some have appeared in numerous films, others have made but a single appearance. However, one trait that all of these kaiju share is that each one is a badass in his or her own way. Let’s count down, shall we?


10. Hedorah


Featured in one of the most divisive Godzilla films among fans, Hedorah was a monster created by pollution and intense radiation. What was born was the red-eyed monstrosity you see above. This kaiju fed off the pollution created by humanity. He took on multiple forms to fight Godzilla and was even able to blind the giant lizard at one point. Despite the controversy surrounding the film he was first featured in, Hedorah deserves a spot on this list for being the ultimate reason not to pollute.


9. Gigan


It’s a pretty stiff competition to pick the most unusual looking monster of Godzilla’s rogues gallery, but I’m willing to bet that Gigan would come out on top. This giant green chicken-like monster with hook hands is easily the most ridiculous looking in the Showa series, excluding Jet Jaguar of course. Despite his unique appearance, Gigan has fought with Godzilla a few times over the years. Featured predominantly in the Showa series, Gigan has attacked Earth alongside Megalon and King Ghidorah. He also has a buzz saw on his stomach. Weird.


8. Anguirus


Angurius has the special honor of being the first giant kaiju to fight against Godzilla. The two of them battled in the 1955 film Godzilla Raids Again. Their rivalry was short lived however. Ever since their first battle, the two monsters have fought side-by-side as friends. They’ve protected one another against Gigan and King Ghidorah. The Showa series would feature Anguirus the most, but he would make a small appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars, in which he battles his former friend once again.


7. Battra


Despite his appearance, Battra is actually not an evil kaiju hell-bent on the destruction of Earth. He actually works to protect the planet in his own unique way, though his plans tend to backfire. Created by an ancient civilization, Battra broke free from their control and wiped them out. He’s more of an angry environmentalist kaiju. Appearing only once in the Hensi series, Battra fought against Godzilla and his sister, Mothra. As much as Battra and Mothra might bicker, they eventually hug it out in order to defeat the King of the Monsters.


6. Rodan


Rodan can fly. He tends to do that a lot. Reminiscent of pterodactyls, Rodan was featured in his own feature-length film before tangling with Godzilla. Much like Mothra and Anguirus, Rodan has been both an enemy and an ally to Godzilla in the past. He’s helped the giant lizard on more than one occasion. On the other hand, he did try to steal Godzilla’s egg once. Some friend he is.


5. Mothra


The prettiest of Godzilla enemies, Mothra has worked tirelessly throughout the Godzilla series to help protect the people of Japan from kaiju threats. Featured in her own series of films, Mothra has fought against and assisted Godzilla on many occasions. Often considered to be one of the weaker enemies of Godzilla, Mothra has actually been able to hold her own against the giant lizard and other monsters like King Ghidorah and Battra.


4. Biollante


In my opinion, Biollante is the most underrated of Godzilla’s enemies. Featured only once in the entire Godzilla series, Biollante is a beautiful abomination. She was born from the DNA of a human, Godzilla and a rosebush. I know it’s weird, but this monster was the first that Godzilla fought against in the Hensi series. The film in which she is featured, Godzilla vs. Biollante, is one of the best in the franchise. I for one would love to see a new incarnation of this giant-plant monster in the future. Make it happen Gareth!


3. Mechagodzilla


You always need an evil robot version in any character’s rogues gallery. Mechagodzilla has been featured in every iteration of the Godzilla franchise. It has been depicted as a mass murdering machine created by evil aliens, a mass murdering machine created by humans and as a mass murdering artificial intelligence. There tends to be quite a few deaths when Mechagodzilla shows up. However, Godzilla is always able to put a stop to his mechanical doppelganger  every time.


2. Destoroyah


Destoroyah is probably my favorite of Godzilla’s foes. Featured only once in 1995’s Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, Destoroyah was created unintentionally  by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa in the original 1954 film, Gojira. The Oxygen Destroyer, used to kill the first Godzilla, mutated crustaceans on the ocean floor. These crustaceans would eventually grow in size and later combine into the 120-meter tall monstrosity that Godzilla fans all know and love. It’s funny, Serizawa always said he was concerned that his weapon would bring about more destruction. Well, it seems he was right all along.


1. King Ghidorah


Godzilla’s arch-enemy has to be the Three-Headed Monster himself, King Ghidorah. Premiering in 1964’s Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster, this multi-headed beast was a civilization-destroying dragon on a quest to wipe out every living creature on Earth. Starring in the most Godzilla films, King Ghidorah has been a constant thorn in the sides of many of Earth’s greatest monsters.  He’s tangled not only with Godzilla, but also Rodan, Mothra, Angurius and countless other kaiju.

He’s also one of the few Godzilla enemies to have multiple retellings of his origin. In the original Showa series, King Ghidorah was an alien creature, exchanged by many interstellar civilizations as a weapon of mass destruction. In the Hensi series, King Ghidorah came into being after three Dorats, creatures from the distant future, fused together on the island in which Godzilla was exposed to atomic radiation. Most recently in the Millenium series, Ghidorah was shown as a protector of Earth. Working with Baragon and Mothra in Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, Ghidorah was said to be an ancient god tasked with the responsibility of protecting Japan.

Are there any baddies that you feel should be on this list? Megalon? Orga? Roland Emmerich? Talk about your favorite Godzilla monsters below. Hopefully fellow guest and writer Matt Frank won’t breathe atomic fire into my face when he sees this list.



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