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You Decide Who Makes The ITL Marvel Movie Tournament

What’s that you say? March is over? Well, I guess that means the madness is over, right? RIGHT?! Oh, so wrong. The quartet of sports nerds over at Inside the Locker continue their reign of bracket-style geek gauntlets affectionately known as the…


Why can’t I say that on the air? It’s so effortless to type out.

We hope you enjoyed last week’s Cop Movie Tournament.

Anywho, this week we’re honoring Captain America, and his upcoming cinematic battle with the Frosty Fighter. We have therefore decided to engage in a tournament of Marvel films. We have gathered the Sweet 16 of Marvel’s filmic offerings and will be whittling them down to one grand champion. We can already hear the gnashing of nerd teeth; controversy will likely abound.

Well technically, we’ve only gathered the Sweet 15, leaving one slot open for one tournament hopeful. As in past tournament’s YOU will decide the final combatant. I guess we should call it the Super 15. Cast your vote below for your favorite on-the-bubble Marvel movie and see if you can push it into the Super 16.


Thor Dark World Iron Man 3 Blade 2 Punisher


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