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Watch a Movie with Us: Free ‘R.I.P.D.’ Commentary

Continuing along this countdown of shame (where’s Disgrace-y Kasem when you need him?), Brian and Chris arrive at the #2 worst movie of 2013 as voted upon by you, our sadistic fans. Today, we are enlisting ourselves in the questionable law enforcement agency known as the R.I.P.D.

At first, we weren’t sure that R.I.P.D. could actually be any worse than Grown Ups 2, which we survived earlier this week, but as our special guest for this commentary so eloquently put it, “it is the most pointless movie ever made.” A relentless parade of Men in Black ripoffs, R.I.P.D. has nothing in the way of its own personality. I mean heck, even Jeff Bridges isn’t creating an original character for the movie; opting instead to copy and paste his garbled cowboy schtick from True Grit.

Rest assured, Bridges’ incomprehensible tongue-tumbling becomes the subject of many an impression and joke during this COMPLETELY FREE commentary.

Joining us for this free commentary is Joe Parsons from Master Pancake Theater, also a former member of the LEOG. Feel free to download the commentary and see if our running skewering allows you to stomach the cumbersome, CG-laden, internal-consistency-devoid R.I.P.D. Huzzah!