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Watch a Movie with Us: Free ‘Grown Ups 2’ Commentary

Well here it is, the first of our three commentaries for the worst films of 2013 as voted by you, the distinguished members of Us Nation.

I don’t know what we did to you to make you hate us so much, but we will not go back on our word. Even if that means watching the absolutely repugnant Grown Ups 2. That’s right, coming in at #3 according to your votes is the sequel to a film that really pushed the envelope as to how far a group of wash-outs can ride on the “I’m friends with Sandler” ticket.

Joining us for this viewing party is comic artist, and obvious masochist, Paul Benjamin.

Also as promised, this commentary is completely free. Why? Well we figured it will be embarrassing enough for you to actually have to rent Grown Ups 2 from your local videostore. Ok, enough sweet sheltering preamble, nothing left to do but (gulp) watch Grown Ups 2.