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The Pre-Weekend Recap: April 4, 2014

The Pre-Weekend Recap has returned once again! Welcome to the feature designed to help you catch up with some of the features that debuted on One Of Us this week.

This has been another productive week for the members of the One of Us crew. There was a plethora of original content produced and published on the site this week and it would be a shame if you missed out on it. Below you’ll find a few of the features that were posted this week, so consider this the best place to start catching up if you missed anything because life got in the way. Give it a look and get started!

Future Drinks: Star Trek


Chris Cox is a man who knows his drinks and he’s never shy about mixing his love of alcohol with his geeky passions. This feature is the first of hopefully many articles about some of the delicious geek-inspired beverages that you can make on your own. All of you Star Trek fans will certainly find something to like in here, so take a look and start mixing! Responsibly, of course.


Adapting To Change: When The People We Love Can’t Play The Characters We Love Anymore

One of the most important parts of making an iconic property is selecting dynamic talents to portray the most important roles. However, as a series becomes storied, the people who bring our favorite characters to life may not be able to keep reprising their legendary roles, because of age, contractual obligations, or simply fatigue. Mr. John Eckes examines how franchises can change, for better or for worse, when the people we love have to move on from their most celebrated roles.


The 30 Dozen: Sudden Impact

Brian’s at it again with the latest entry in the yearlong series, The 30 Dozen, where he examines 12 films from 1984 and gleans knowledge from them as he too enters his 30th year of existence.  What insight  did he gather form this month’s film, the fourth film of the Dirty Harry series, Sudden Impact? Take a look and find out what you can take away from Clint Eastwood kicking ass as Harry Callahan once again.


Trailer: Into The Storm Is a Found Footage Version of Twister

As a born and raised Midwesterner, Luke Crum knows a thing or two about tornadoes. Thus, when the teaser trailer for the upcoming film Into The Storm dropped, his interest was certainly piqued. A found footage weather-related disaster film seemed intriguing and the teaser trailer was compelling, but what did he think of the full trailer? How did it change his expectations about the film? Check out both videos and Luke’s perceptive observations in the article here!


An Ode to Oderus Urungus: How GWAR Made the World a Better Place


The frontman of the metal band GWAR, Dave Brockie a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, passed away last week and the world is lesser place without him. GWAR describes themselves as the “sickest band in metal history” and under Brockie’s leadership, they more than lived up to the title. Oderus’ tragic passing has got One of Us’ music man, Matt Hudson, thinking about what the band’s contributions to pop culture are and how they impacted the public consciousness. Check out his tribute to a dynamic personality and an incredible individual right here.



The sports nerds of Inside the Locker will be providing a running commentary for one of the biggest events in sports. A full card of special guests is slated to appear, including John and Amanda from Geek Bombast’s All Rings Considered podcast. For full details, just click the image.

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