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The Die Cast: Let’s Go To Space Jail

What if Australia was founded…IN SPACE?!

That’s the oddball set-up for Durance, a science fiction storytelling RPG that takes the age of colonialism and transports it into the distant future. Inspired by England wrangling control of the Australian continent through penal colonies, this inspired game from designer Jason Morningstar (of Fiasco fame) sees players working together to build a prison colony on a distant and hostile planet. Playing as both the convicts and the authorities, 3-5 gamers tell the bizarre (and usually violent) history of their colony in a totally reasonable 2-3 hour game session.

What happens when uber-Capitalism, an underground alien drug trade, petty vengeance, wanton violence, and terrorist activity collide in a shabby dome built on a planet where oxygen is a luxury?


Well, you’ll just have to listen and find out! Jacob and Daniel are joined by special guests Tyler Mager, Toni Salisbury and George Hickman for one of the nuttiest episodes of The Die Cast yet! Which of us will make it out alive and what will be left of them?