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Movie Review: ‘Draft Day’ (REPOSTED)

Editor’s Note: WP issues over the weekend deleted our initial posting of this review, it has been re-posted for your listening pleasure

Even if you don’t hold a personal affinity for football, it’s hard to argue the game’s popularity. For crying out loud, the pre-season draft is broadcast to millions of fans on TV. You know a fanbase is fervent when the NFL is able to turn a human resources convention into a nationally-televised event.

That event is precisely the basis of Ivan Reitman’s latest dramedy Draft Day. In it, Kevin Costner, the reigning MVP of sports movies, plays Sonny, the GM of the Cleveland Browns on the eve of the draft. Yes, despite many years of striving to prove otherwise, the Browns are still a professional football team. The film follows Sonny’s various wheelings and dealings in his attempt to somehow put together a winning franchise. Think of it as Moneyball for the NFL…Sonnyball?

Sports movies often have the ability to reach even those among us who count sports dead last among their interests; right behind clogging and toenail fungus removal. Would Draft Day be among those irresistibly accessible romps or would it fumble a free throw on its way to first base? We’re mixing our metaphors.

To answer this question, we brought in the guys from our Inside the Locker podcast to check off the score card. Brian, J.C., and Highly Suspect Review rookie Adam Charles break down with X’s and O’s all of Draft Day‘s strengths and weaknesses. Check it out!

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