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Movie Review: Cuban Fury

One thing the Unusual Suspects love to do with pretty much every minute of spare time they have, is dance. Ashley is, of course, world famous for her touring interpretive ballet based on the life of comics writer Jeff Lemire. Beau is always a hit at parties with his tap routine designed and named after Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps. Brian choreographs and sometimes performs with a knock-off act called The Blu Man Group. And Chris….sometimes snaps his fingers in rhythm while getting off the couch. So you can see why a movie all about a passion for dancing would really resonate with our crew.

Nick Frost is the passionate guy in question, for whom long ago, salsa dancing was his entire existence. When he was made the target of ridicule for cruel kids, he threw it all away. Now, he’s the workplace shlub, regularly picked on by the office bully (Chris O’Dowd) and without much hope of joy or love…until the new office manager (Rashida Jones) comes into his life. When he discovers she loves Salsa dancing, he re-dons his sequined shirts, seeks out his old trainer (Ian McShane) and learns to love life again. And maybe Rashida. We ain’t spoiling that one.


And hey, after you listen to the review, watch Brian’s video interview with Mr. Frost! Sadly, they don’t tango together as we specifically requested.