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Interview: Nick Frost Brings the ‘Fury’

Nick Frost is one of my favorite comedians. Most of us recognize him as one half of the incredible comedic tandem (with Simon Pegg) that anchored Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.


But this week, Frost gets to shake off any notions of his being a sidekick and step into a starring role, and with Cuban Fury, that shake just happens to be a dazzling salsa dance maneuver. Nick plays Bruce, a man who gave up on dancing as a child, something at which he was tremendously talented, because he was bullied. Now grown, Bruce reconsiders his salsa embargo when he discovers the woman he fancies loves salsa dancing.

I got a chance to sit down with Nick and talk about the film, and how its core conceit speaks so directly to geek culture and specifically our site’s mantra. We also chat about drunk Mr. Miyagi, battle-ready mothers, and his upcoming Fox series Sober Companion.

Nick is one of the most amiable folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing, and we hope you enjoy the video.


See Cuban Fury in select theaters today!