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Digital Noise Episode 38: Calamity Ensues

Somehow we got this far without a problem. Which isn’t to say that this episode of Digital Noise is a wash. How can any episode with a guest appearance by one of our favorite friends, Godzilla artist Matt Frank, not be worth your time?

No, I mean that the audio didn’t quite live up to our usual standards. This is entirely the fault of human error, and by that I mean, Chris, who didn’t check the board appropriately before recording. As has been pointed out multiple times in the past, he is indeed only human. Reportedly. So, know that we apologize for … iffy … sound quality at points. We did what we could.

That being said, get ready for spirited coverage of stuff like Broadchurch Season 1, Anchorman 2, 47 Ronin and more. And do I need to add that this is a giveaway week that you REALLY do not want to miss. GO TEAM US!

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King Kong Escapes Blu-ray Review   King Kong vs Godzilla Blu-ray Review   Broadchurch Season 1 DVD Review

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Anchorman 2 Blu-ray Review   Norma Rae Blu-ray Review   47 Ronin Blu-ray Review

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When Jews Were Funny Blu-ray Review   Meet Him and Die Blu-ray Review   The Bag Man Blu-ray Review

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Venture Bros w time


How To Win This Week’s Giveaway:

1.) Follow @OneOfUsNet on Twitter

2.) Tweet at us with what OneOfUs.Net would be called if instead of a website, we were an organization of supervillains (a la the Guild of Calamitous Intent)

3.) Add #VentureBrosGiveaway

4.) We’ll select our favorite and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. Residents only)



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