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You decide who makes the ITL Sword-And-Sandal Movie Tournament?

Ahoy there, sports nerds!

As you know, or maybe you don’t know (in which case “this just in”), our weekly geek sportscast Inside the Locker has been engaging in a series of movie elimination tournaments. More specifically, I’m referring to The Inside the Locker Totally Accurate, Desperately Necessary Movie Elimination Tournaments!!!


And now that March is actually upon us, this strange series of March Madness style movie gauntlets is only going to get more intense! INTENSE!

This time around, we are settling once and for all (for this week), which is the very best sword-and-sandal movie. Once again, as with last week’s Die Hard Rip-off Tournament, the collective heads of knuckle that comprise our show hosts have settled on the Sweet 16 of this sweaty, blade-swinging, dude-bulging film subgenre and will not leave Monster Dome until only one is left standing.

Well, more accurately, they have settled on the Sweet 15, leaving the sixteenth seed vacant. That’s where you come in! Vote below on which hopeful genre upstart makes its way into the tournament. Think of it as the NIT of the ITLTADNMET. We really need a shorter name for this.

Cast your votes quick! The tournament is nigh!

Alexander Centurion Cleopatra The Scorpion King
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Who Makes The Cut?
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