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You Decide Who Makes The ITL Cop Movie Tournament

As March continues, our specific strain of madness endures. By that I of course mean that the sports nerds of Inside the Locker are prepping their next…




We hope you enjoyed last week’s sword-and-sandal movie tournament.

This time around, it is cop movies that find themselves in need of a crowned champion. Now let’s be clear here, these are COP movies, not BUDDY COP movies. That tournament comes later. What we’re talking about here are blue-collar law enforcement officers whose films are not centered around their partnership with a hilariously disparate partner. Nor are these protagonists specially-trained FBI agents. The distinction is finite, but important.

So we’ve already assembled 15 of our Sweet 16 of the genre, and the last slot will once again be determined by you, our beloved listeners. Below is a group of four tournament hopefuls, the play-in films you might say. Cast your vote before Wednesday of next week and we will pencil in your top choice.

Cast your votes quick! The tournament is nigh!

Kindergarten Cop Assault on Precinct 13 Police Academy Shaft

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