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Movie Review: Veronica Mars

When the fans pay for a movie, they get a movie made for the fans. At least that’s how director Rob Thomas felt about making the Veronica Mars theatrical film, released some seven years after the untimely demise of the cult tv show starring Kristen Bell as the lovably snarky Nancy Drew-ish gumshoe. But how does this work for folks who aren’t slavering Mars fanatics?

Well, you won’t find out on this podcast. Beau and Chris, both dedicated followers of the Mars cult, are joined in their worship by two folks from the Infinite Variations spaceship (and the old LEOG show, to boot), Harris and Cat O’Malley. Much fandom is indulged in while talking about Veronica’s latest adventure in the city of Neptune, CA. If you’re one of this specific US, give it a listen. You’ll be rushing to give a VOD choice your credit card number, I suspect.