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Download Our Oscar Commentary from Sunday!

What a night it was. The elegance, the pageantry, the prestige. The honoring of the very best that the last year in cinema had to offer; of the artists who reached deep within themselves and created brilliant filmic experiences.

And we…ruined…everything.

If you were able to listen live, then you already know how silly things got. There were beers consumed, listener questions answered, and Brian sounded like he caught streptococcal while making out with Tom Waits. Still, far be it from us to deprive those few of you who weren’t able to listen to the debauchery as it was unfolding.

Join Brian, Chris, Beau, Elliott, and Courtney as they walk you through the ceremony with uncomfortable zeal. We weigh in on the wins, crack our signature wise, and play a few rounds of Oscar-Themed Cards Against Humanity!

Listen to/download the broadcast recording and feel free to play another game as you do. It’s called “Find The Moment Where The Audio Totally Crapped Out For Five Minutes!”