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The Gathering: The Oscars Live This Sunday!

Break out the tuxes, pop the champagne, and tighten up those goddamn acceptance speeches because it’s time for the Oscars! This year, you can watch The 596th annual Academy Awards with OneOfUs.Net.

As the Oscars are a very prestigious affair worthy of the utmost respect and dignified observance, HA, our live coverage will be a much smaller, more intimate affair than the previous gatherings.


A quartet of familiar site pundits will sit down to weigh in on the nominees in each of the major categories and discuss the 2013 year in film.

Of course, there will be crudeness, arguments, and more drinking than even what will undoubtedly be going on over at Michael Fassbender’s table.

Tune in to this post on Sunday, March 2nd at 7:20(ish)pm CST, and feel free to engage our commentators in the live chat. And the award for most McConaughey impersonations during an Oscar live-cast goes to…likely OneOfUs.