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Digital Noise Episode 32: The Returned Korean Haunters at the Summit

Oh lawdy, do we have an awful lot of noise for you this week. A mountain of titles fell on Chris and Brian and they do their best to dig through them, and fortunately for their sanity, come up with some can’t miss entertainment, both stuff you know, and stuff we’re pretty sure you don’t. From Criterion’s release of “Fantastic Mr Fox” to Season 3 of “Sherlock” to the Diamond Edition of “Chicago” we’ve got some amazing big titles for ya. But the real surprise is in some of the lesser known stuff, like the French supernatural drama “The Returners”, the Korean animated film “Aachi and Ssipak”, or the British idyllic apocalypse film (yes, that’s a thing) “How I Live Now”, we’ve got some real gems you’re gonna want to hear about. So what are you still reading this for? Press play already. And get your amazon button clicking finger tensed and ready, ’cause there’s a lot of gold at the end of this rainbow…

Sherlock w timeThe Americans w timeThe Returned w timeEmpty SpaceAll is Lost w timeHow I Live Now w timeDarkman w timeEmpty SpaceInn of the Sixth Happiness w timeChicago w timeA Night in the Woods w timeEmpty SpaceYoung Detective Dee w timeOn the Job w timeThe Summit w timeEmpty SpaceAachi and Ssipak w timeTrans Europe Express w timeSuccessive Slidings w timeEmpty SpaceFantastic Mr Fox w timeMasquerade w timeHaunter w time

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